Thoughts on chest update?

In case you missed it, I did a long late-night development stream last night where I went and made some huge improvements to chests.

Previously, all chests would give you 5 red potions and 5 blue potions (their contents weren’t always accurately displayed on the right side of your screen - this is now also fixed) along with a fixed amount of money based on the level of the chest.

After the update, chests will have a huge loot table from which you can get 1-2 items depending on the level of the chest and the location. Certain maps even have unique chest loot. For example, Level 25 chests will contain Orange and Purple potions instead of Red and Blue, and chests in Seaside Path are very likely to contain fish. It’s even possible to (rarely) get scrolls out of chests now. A modest money reward has also been added onto all existing Bluesteel chests. Many chests were added last night as well, in Mushroom Forest, Enchanted Forest & Spider Lair. Chests will be added soon to Redwood Pass and Warrior Stronghold as well.

What are your thoughts about these changes? Answer this poll and then post your thoughts below:

  • I didn’t care about regular chests and still don’t
  • I didn’t care about regular chests but now I do
  • I opened some regular chests but now I’m going to open a lot more
  • I already actively chest hunted daily and am excited for more loot

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More loot more loot “logic”

When is the next livestream?

The chest grind train is going on overdrive.

awesome :+1:

this is not about the chests but about the clothing customization thing, every time I do it it always makes my clothes the default brown colors…

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YESSSSSSSS!!! Now I have to go find them all though… :thinking:

True very much so

I opened a Bluesteel chest in Mushtown and it gave me “+2 Silver” 5 times, upon checking my inventory… i found this…

dropping the mushcoin turns into currency again (2 silver)

Upon opening another Bluesteel chest in the Mushroom Forest, I didn’t get any rewards. It displayed on my screen, but still nothing.

uuhhh… i never really cared for chests b/c of the loot but now i can get good stuff from it. Sweet!

Is there a counter in each zone that you can update every chest you get or can it be added. Like normal chest 0/20 blue steel chest 0/10 golden chest 0/2. That for each zone

hey has this been fixed, i dont want to open chests until that’s fixed, @Polymorphic do you know about this?

He knows.

Limited item i cant get because im not at a pc i cri

dropping the item and picking it up turns it into currency. So it’s fine.

No more useless blue and red pots from chests in Scallop Shores?

Well, that is quite a weight lifted from my chest!

About the “treechest” chest inside Redwood Pass-- you can’t actually get to it.

edit: you can if you’re a mage or hunter, otherwise it’s extremely hard

this door in the warrior stronghold doesn’t work.
(cant get the chest above the courtyard