Thoughts about mage

I recently chose mage but i’m not quite sure how to feel about it right now. It has an amazing movement ability, but I don’t think the mage’s ability is quite the way that it should be. My idea is to change the mage’s angle at which they fire the blast so it has way less travel time, since if you’re not using it on them at point blank range, they can easily dodge without even trying. The damage I feel is at a good place, but I would definetly swap out for a worse movement if the mage’s ability got a buff. Lastly, since mage’s movement is so powerful and this is supposed to be early game, maybe make the ability less op so we can get better movement along the way. Thanks for reading! Please post your opinion in the comments.

I just only lv 9 but depend on what everyone says I still dunno what will mage can do lol

The developers are working to improve the game, so I’m sure the mage will be fixed soon.

Well Yeah, It Is Pre-Alpha, So Most Things Won’t Be Implemented For Multiple Months Or Even A Year Or Two.

True, but they want to make everything playable even if only for the 100 or so people who are going to pay for access.