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I am unable to take the quest even after I got the book and all the pages. After I click the “I’ll find him!” button, it still doesn’t say I accepted the quest. The exclamation mark on top of his head was grayed out but on the quest log it doesn’t show up.

I was level 30 and a paladin.

Edit: Didn’t know you had to be lvl 35. Sry guys!

What lvl r u. Can you provide more specific info.

Sry for low effort, I edited it.

You must be at least level 35 to obtain the quest so im pretty sure you gotta level up a bit

Yeah, you have to be lvl 35 to accept the quest. The original problem was players being able to find the journal before this level, and could complete the quest, but when they came back to actually receive it from the archeologist, were unable to finish it due to mississippi not being there.

Yeah you gotta be levell 35 to complete it, but you can still have the full journal.You’ll just have to go to the sunken palace place and go through that little sideline.

I came across this bug before too. I’ve reported this bug to tester trello, so it’s set up for fixing.