This post will be dedicated to future subclass ideas

Well I’ll start by talking about a future subclass idea for the hunter class!
Well first I would like to familiarize you with the idea of class that I will explain from now on …

Has anyone here heard of a renowned arcade game from SEGA known as Shadow Dancer?
For those who are curious about the game, there is a photo of the same

Well the point is this however we will not talk about the game, but based on it, up because shadow dancer and could be said as a ninja of darkness, and honestly the first thing I assimilated my hunter was with a ninja
But why shadow dancer? And not a thief, ninja, or something similar …
Well I believe that the purpose of the creators with the class hunter was the one of the compact assassination, as you know the first skill of the hunter after you can defer a totally “clean” blow that is you use the skill to kill the enemy and is successful the cooldown of skill is reset and soon after you can use the skill again.
This shadow dancer class would be totally targeted for assassinations, shadows and derivatives, and of course the most important would be its double manipulation of daggers, which would be the differential causing it to be a Twin Daggers
With a sequence of rather rapid attacks, and also the manipulation of techniques of assassination, like poison, attack by the back with the damage folded etc …
I think that would be a great idea as soon as I imagine that the developers will create subclasses to attack the distance with the hunter, or else make a class the part as “archer”