This Poor Young Mage Needs Your Help

This Poor, Young Mage, has not had a proper meal in many days. He has since been stuck for so very long in one of the small homes under the dull trees of the enchanted forest. He can’t even fit properly within the small confined space. He has to stand up all night, just trying to get some sleep.

The cruel world has rejected him. Taken all of his weaponry, and his only staff. He has now forgotten his only refuge, some kind of bomb. He cannot recall it’s name. He has tried to kill spiders to try return to his homeland, to start anew, but they are too strong for him. Each time, he dies, and is sent back to his feeble house in the lonely, horrifying woods.

Even his own clan mates stoned him because he just could not live up to their strict standards. He tried self-defence but even using his most powerful spell, could only deal 0.5 damage to the 975 health titan. Such abuse it was that it was said that you could hear his cries from the farmlands.

He yearns for some proper gear, something he can use to fend for himself. Each day a person passes by, but they ignore him. He hopes for a good Samaritan. So please, help this man if you can. He wishes to see light again. But he cannot do it alone. Please, send anything, even just a small donation, to help this young mage stay alive.


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eh seems fine to me, he has a chair, that he can eat, so why don’t he already go up on and eaten it already?

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That poor man! :C