This man needs a doctor

wheres his head

LOL can you tell me where that NPC is please? xD

right before the farmlands

It might be the headless horseman!

Poor Guy, I Feel Sorry For Him.

Head transplant? Anyone willing to donate?

I Would Be Willing However, I Think I Need My Head.

What? You guys act like you haven’t seen a headless man before…

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I Know I Have Met A Few Headless Chaps.

headless man is still headless image%202

Poor Guy. Take Him To A Hospital.

i think thats why he’s headless
they had to amputate his head off

He looks pretty happy to me! Look at his smile!image

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I found a guy that has pretty cool moves. He is right by the headless guy too!

He Has Nice Moves!

hes best friends with headless guy, spontaneous seizure man

That Is Great For Both Of Them!