This is so sad guys

when you have to go to sleep in 2 hours but the game is broken so you are only left to wait and cry

its ok that they didn’t open it but I’m still sad. at least it will make it all the more fun once it does open?

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So sad, Alexa play Despacito

so very sad :’ (

Very Sad. :sob:

why did this s**tpost get so much attention? xD

No Idea.

while you are here. give me your like, boi :sunglasses:



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big thanks

You’re Welcome Phoenix.


Why Repost The Same Exact Thing?

tryin to get the badge, its not working

All You Have To Do Is Wait As The Bot Is Pretty Slow.

oh ok thx xD

Me rn

You think that’s sad? Take a look at this bad boy:

I cried about that too dont worry

I, On The Other Hand, Will Never Cry… :frowning: