This is all I needed to bring back the hype

What do you guys think about this?


@headlessmicrowave What do you think of that ilttle gray chair?

whens the update tho

I got the same question, (not so) too bad ber only posted sneak peeks instead of “We are adding finishing touches for this update, we will release it on x!”

That little gray chair I’d say is a bit bland at appearance. Perhaps when actually tasting it the taste of it may be extravagant or straight up bad. It is a chair of possibilities and quite unique.


Yeah, they still show us that they’re working on things, its just that im dying for a update over here

I’m becoming salty every second the game doesn’t get updated.

Guess you got salty about 10 times since you posted this.

By the way, that did nothing for “bringing back the hype” for me.

But the manual aiming was what I was most looking forward to for me.

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So was I, but the game didn’t update, and I already knew it was coming.

yes, this is good

I see this looks pretty well. My question is how come it looks like its ready but still isn’t uploaded?

Because it is coming out with a larger patch which is overall not completely finished.

Take anything I say with a grain of salt.

I’ve been training and preparing my body more then ever, my body is ready Vesteria!