This idea to get people thinking was bad sorry

I know i sound silly but in general can the system have a new way of looting and exp instead of killing. i was pondering this for a bit but could there be a periodic loot turn. lets say a minion would drop a sword one week but the next week he would drop a completely different item like a dagger. but they would still drop the same low class items the main item would just change. pleas add to this i feel like this could turn into something.

i know that robox might not be able to handle it as a platform but its worth a shot

What’s the point in this XD

Randomized loot tables, in some cases, is a good thing. A game called Trove has a box system (Chaos Chests) with different rare rewards every week and that usually works pretty well. However, it sounds difficult and pointless to implement a system like that for every loot table.

Does anybody think there’s a way to pacifistly play a RPG game like Vesteria? ( this idea sux lol)

i am just trying for a new way to get loot thats all. i want to explore and see it in action.

wtf even is this are you out of your mind im guessing its your first time playing mmo and its on riblox this udea is trash and throw it already

pls be a bit more nice i am sorry this afended you in any way