This game really need potion cooldowns. And stat/perk reset

As of right now this game really needs to have some sort of potion cooldowns lets say around 7 to 10 sec. cuzz of right now Warriors dont even bother to put any points to vitality. Since they can just spam potions for days. Also since where missing most of our abbilites where pretty much putting it all on our 2 abbilites and i know more abilities will come on later on and once you do add a cool down on potions theres going to be alot of people thats gonna want to respec their stats and perks. adding these elements we would see variety of builds and people willing to experiment part of the reason what made any of the souls series so great was beacuse they could change builds and such so many times.And considering we can only have 3 character slots and unable to remove em. this would be really essential for now.

Also atm the pvp is pretty much broken since players can just spam potions for days and people don’t even need to team upp or use tactics. i really think if potion cool down was a thing people would really start to focus on their role as: Healer,DPS and Tanks.

Maybe 3-5 seconds instead of 7-10, and for the potion spam thing in pvp you can just say no healing as one of the rules.

I think a total PvP overhaul would be great. PvP and PvM don’t need to work the same. I’d also love to see abilities and equipment that help / can only be used in PvP.

In terms of PvP, yeah I can see it being an issue. Perhaps some kind of Global Cooldown-esque feature for pots would work out. Maybe 1.5 seconds for Global and then an additional 2 seconds for the specific potion itself.

Also @HarryIsBeast brings up an interesting point about items that can only be used in PvP. I know I shouldn’t, but take World of Warcraft for instance with trinkets, there is one that is pretty heavily used that basically gets you out of any CC whether it be a stunlock or a root, so if the devs intend to add abilities and spells that have these effects, adding something similar to trinkets would change how the game plays in terms of Dueling or Colosseum.

Great idea! People just spam potions in PvP and PvE. It takes no skill to just continually use potions. A cooldown on potion use like how skills have cooldowns would make the game more tactical and challenging. You got my vote on this.

Yeah, I think a lesson can be learned here. Potion use in Vesteria is rather degenerative and I can see why it makes PvP stale. I’ll look into adding a cool-down for potion uses.

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If this is a global change just remember to be thinking about how it will affect PvM as well!

Its not just the PVP but PVE aswell, Vitaly is pretty much useless at this point, Cause not only will you do way more damage with strenght but also defense. While you don’t have to worry about your hp at all. This pretty much makes Support classes not that usefull, Tanks to. While if you do have potion cool downs people would start to think more about how they will use their potions and only use it during life and death situation. So classes such as Cleric and heavy tank classes will be esstinal during Dungeons and Raids, I also think they will need to have stat/Perk reset at any time you wanna switch your build upp. Right now i’m worried that you guys are going to add in the rest of the abbilites next update and i’m to afraid to put the rest of my points to the throwing knifes skill.

@Polymorphic I want to bring this topic back up because I just realized something. This should be delayed until a healing subclass comes out. I don’t like the current system but if it’s rushed it will be looked at as an inconvenience, not an update. I’m mainly worried about harder monsters coming in and this change making it far too annoying to actually kill them, opposed to if you had a healer to help where it requires real skill to heal. I don’t like it but it seems like the most balanced option until then, unless the cooldown is very slight and is increased at a later date.

I do think potions should be nerfed rn, but honestly if they were hunters couldnt play the game. We take way too much damage and compared to mages who can move around while attacking really easilly, and warriors who take no damage because they went all physical resistance, we would be at a major disadvantage.

I think this 100% needs to happen but imo, only after subclasses release.

I disagree i main a hunter and its not really that big of an issue i rarely have to use potions and this will actually force players to learn how to use their class properly instead of just button mashing the abilities take spiders for an istance if you move around them you can quite easily dodge their incoming attacks and you can still heal yourself using the “Self Regeneration” And the STR stat is getting reworked on so it only does damage instead of giving both damage and physical defense.So unless people wanna go as tanks they’re going to be forced to put both points on STR and Vitality. While the DPS users will have the same survivability of an hunter. @IgneelO1

Well I went all dex and im currently at 60 dex and started to invest in strength, but the problem is the mobs hitboxes are larger then the model animation and hunters using daggers have small hitboxs. yes, we do have a throwing skill, and a skill that does a bunch of damage with enough strength but the problem is i dont have the strength required.

Teaching players how to actually use classes will come with raids, right now we just need to focus on keeping a happy player base. There is no reason to make grinding hard yet, with a level cap of only 30. I would like to see a level cap increase with raids and have that be the primary way to teach players how to use their classes properly through force from actually hard bosses. I do think by the time raids come out we should have a healing sub-class and a long potion cool-down in effect. A healing sub-class is very important to get people to learn how to use their classes properly.

Well I agree with most of your ideas but this one makes no sense

The raid is meant to get people to level 30 as right now it is very grindy why would they increase the level cap if this is meant to be the thing that gets you to lvl 30? It would be a repeat of the spiders again. I mean maybe they can add it to lvl 35 but still that doesn’t seem that fun its just a lot more grinding for no reason when more mobs will come out later.

It scares me your the first person to bring this up. I totally understand where you are coming from, and 35 is about all I’d like to see in increase for now.

I have a few reasons why I think this should happen but I’d like your feedback on them,

  • Level 30 players are going to be discouraged from really playing raids if they don’t have that XP incentive.
  • It will be good for the economy to have high and low level players (who might not be able to do it every run)
  • It will be a good test of how replayable raids are. Raids should be the start of making grinding fun again like when you first start playing.
  • This is especially important if we don’t get some unique things from the raids as I suggested in this video. There should be multiple incentives to play and if an equipment upgrade is the only one (for lvl 30s) it will be even more discouraging.

EDIT: I’d like to point out some negatives too,

  • Players might be upset at adding more grind, community communication is important in MMOs!
  • The level cap should not be consistently increased like this, that’s a dangerous path and an end-game will be harder to achieve until later in time so small level cap increases like this should be added, if ever, very sparingly.

I’d like to point out that the future update with the Mushroom King will most likely be a dungeon and not a raid. Berezaa stated in his Dev stream that Raids would have 40 or more players participating. (Not 100% sure on the number he said but it was a lot of players.)

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True true, this is a good thing to note but it is said to have a “raid-style party-quest system” so I just call it a raid. I can see how that’s confusing… xD

Edit: I will further refer to it simply by what it is, PMK.

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