This door does not make sense

Not really a bug, just doesn’t make sense. Screenshot_5 Screenshot_6
The small door is on the right side of the big door on both sides, and that just does not make any sense.
Located in the Warrior HQ

nitpicking I see?

eh, i’d just like it to be fixed, lol.
Maybe i just have OCD

thats how all doors work, you just dont meet the iq requirement of the door master race

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Ah, i see. Sorry for my low IQ.

Just call it magic.

There are a lot of gates in the world that work like that so one wouldn’t have to open the entire gate. It’s a weird concept, but you’ll ultimately get used to it. Here are a few pictures of real life examples.


You’re it, @whale
On mobile, so I’m not going to link it.

rip me


understandable have a nice day.

Not really what i meant. The thing that doesn’t make sense, is that when you’re outside, the small door is on the right. But when you’re inside, it’s still on the right, when it should be on the left

Yeah, kinda weird

w o a h

hey man there’s m a g i c in this game use ur i m a g i n a t i o n B)

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