This bug is.. well... WHY THO

here is the bug. this is a bug on forums, not vesteria. quote me, then chance what the words are. then add some text at bottom and post. that the bug. mabe fix this

I didn’t sign the consent form

why dude

see?!? it rlly needa be fixed. also, i don’t think highly of myself. also ur not ugly XD

Changed to #site-feedback since it’s a site “bug” and not a Vesteria bug. I’m almost sure it’s not a bug as well, I believe it’s actually meant to be so that you can change a quote to not be extra long, and not use multiple quotes. Like this:

Although useless in this case, it may come in handy for longer, paragraph responses. Nevertheless, it’s still debatable whether or not this should be changed or not, as it could potentially be used for more harm than good.

like it? pls telll emeeeeeee

Yeah this is getting pretty weird.

what if i quote a quote? hhmmmm lemme try








Hello did the thing happen again?

what thing?

all correct

why are you like this

it was just a joke

why are you joking about this

ive never even SEEN that guild