This Beast Has Been Rumored To Kill Turkeys

This Legendary Beast of a weapon is known as "The Cry Of The Turkeys" as it is cool.
Can’t get enough of that grassy green grass in the background, well you can’t buy it at all, in fact don’t even bother with it. As real green grass is usually depicted as synthetic as where some people live, green grass is a hoax. Do not bother with it unless you like green grass.

And here is another angle of it being cool.
As you can tell more green grass and it being pretty darn green, wish all grass was like this. This pink sword apparently can rotate or something pretty cool.

In Case You Didn't Already Know

This sword doesn’t actually kill turkeys, it was just a rumor, it actually just makes grass green.

Leave my chickens alone you evil creature!

Dangit, I wanted to kill those darn turkeys for a bit of a feast but It didn’t end up well.