Things I Wish Were Fixed

Not very useful feedback for the game, but I’ll say what I think should be fixed. Bugs and glitches not included.

  1. What’s up with the bank?

The items stored cannot be swapped inside of the bank and empty spaces between items are automatically filled by moving other items up, leaving the only possible empty room at the bottom. Rearranging the bank by placing them in at a specific order isn’t fun and organizing the bank is a hassle. Again, not a glaring issue, but tedious nonetheless.

  1. Switching slots takes 6 and a half years let’s gooooo…

I have a slot in which I store basically all my money. I bank my loot from my main slot, go into the main menu, wait, load in, go to my other slot, wait, load in, and only then can I sell. But wait! Usually, all my drops cant fit in my bank at once so I have to do it in 2 runs. Again, I have to go to the main menu, wait, load in… You get where I’m going. Give us the option to swap to a slot in the same map a slot currently being used. It’d be a lot better to load in another character again rather than to load in the map again. (The main menu option in settings doesn’t really make it any faster…)

  1. Bounty Book???

Yeah, a lot of times it just kinda… disappears. (I know I said no bugs but what the hell) Nice. Also, the bounty rewards for bosses are absolutely pitiful, and should probably be A LOT more rewarding. Maybe even more than normal mobs. The kills needed for all the bounties on the boss page should absolutely be increased alongside the reward. 10 Yeti kills? Really?

  1. Introduction Cutscene

In the level 1 fight against the shroom horde, you give the user an extremely weak weapon with a horrible swing speed. This, of course, encourages new players to run away from the horde and survive. A few days ago I bought Vesteria on an alt and noticed that the horde could be avoided for as long as the user saw fit. This was accompanied by one newbie in Mushtown asking, “Was I supposed to die in the beginning???” Make the horde faster or something. Just don’t give them the chance to run away.

  1. (Some) people probably wanna know things…

So how are players supposed to know the perks obtained by upgrading stats to a specific point? Where is the list for all the commands? Where is the list for all the emotes? Why isn’t there already an in-game map for the Whispering Dunes?

There is probably so much more to state but these are the things that I could think of from the top of my head. Thank you for reading this.

We also need an easy split feature, so we don’t have to take 30 minutes to split a stack of [item] to sell to another player.
yea I know this ain’t a ‘should be fixed’ feature, but it’d be way more helpful :C


1st Question) They are Hidden stats meaning you aren’t supposed to know attributes
2nd Question) Do /Help Its In the menu when you first load in
3rd Question) All Emotes Are On Wiki & I think in the /help menu
4th Question) There isn’t supposed to be 1 but there was one made

For 4, new players don’t know sticks are horrible, and even if they run they can’t run forever and a chad will eventually spawn in

For 5, Vesteria is supposed to be about exploration, and you weren’t supposed to know everything right off the bat.

I think you read him wrong I’m pretty sure he asked that because he died and was confused on what happened, any noob would normally have a hard time with the intro mushrooms.
(lol even I did) so I don’t really think they need any adjustments.

But other than that all your other claims are valid points with the bank, Bounty book boss rewards are absolutely dooky.

Oh and your last claim I don’t really agree with and I agree more with @HellorHeavens where vesteria is meant to have discovery and not have your hand held like the rest of robloxes games.