These are new goblins


and I have some logic for you

(says too many replies, is making a topic)

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There IS going to be a poison dagger named
“Spider Fang Dagger” by the way

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poison? since when did he ever say that lol
he said it was a drop. nothing more.

In a stream working out the shop merchants one of them had every item and he accidentally stopped at “Spider Fang Dagger”.
Also goblins MIGHT be able to throw rocks.


O.o ranged attacks. Sounds cool and unique

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doesnt mean its poisonous.

“a venomous fang pulled from a giant”

do you have a link to the clip

somewhere in here:

Wow they are hideous!!

couldn’t find anything about it being venomous. definitely not when he accidentally opened the shop either because he’d have to scroll over it and he didn’t.

I was saying the spider fang’s description. Not the dagger’s…

ok im done talking to you