There's a loooooot of haxors right now

There’s been a lot of hackers going around Vesteria recently, and it really sucks. Maybe there should be a report sub-category in either General Discussion, or Gameplay Improvements. People could post pictures or videos with proof of people cheating. This could make it a lot easier to find and ban all those damned haxors.

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IKR there was one just in Enchanted Forest

Yeah, that would be nice, but the devs can’t be banning people all the time, they also have to work on the game itself. Maybe we could have in-game mods, but I don’t know berezaa’s thoughts on that. They would have to be highly trusted.

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What? Can You Please Explain What You Mean By “Facts”

saying as there are a lot of hackers in the game.

Banning them is only an extremely short-term option.

I’m also assuming that these exploiters are only doing client-side exploits which can’t be patched.

they can, you just have to figure out a way to reverse the module.

As wonderful as this would be; I believe that it would require a big time investment, let alone putting a lot of trust into that user – It may solve the issue, but it could possible create more issues than what it solves.

They probably won’t even need that many in-game mods, considering the small playerbase. Maybe like 3 would be fine, as long as they are engaged and active in the game.

I suppose that’d be true at the current moment of time; However, upon game’s launch… the problem would be much more wide-spread, thus requiring more moderators. It’d work in theory, but it’d be hard to pull off in reality.

You can’t stop the client. There’s no such thing as “reversing the module”

yes, you got to know how to do it i have a million iq

You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m just going to leave at that the client can get around anything you throw at it.

all the exploits going around right now are just spamming damage and autopickup remotes. you can stop that by limiting how often the server will accept these remotes, by simply checking location of player every once in a while to see if they are teleporting around the map, or by limiting the amount of abusable remotes.

Yeah, this is already implemented in the coming update.

Was there a lot? I only seemed to only see about two of them.