There was a combat roll glitch last week

When I became a warrior, I immediately put my skill point into the combat roll skill.
It would launch me a length of around a 5th of the map simply by jumping and using the combat roll skill while in air or simultaneously with the jump.

Thank you, we’ll look into this.

I reported this on the old forums last week.
I had an idea that in its current state, the abilities to jump our of the roll and keep your momentum and the ability to roll in mid air changing your momentum were both fun but quite unbalanced in comparison to the other classes’ movement possibilities.
As such, I proposed that the ability to roll in midair and to jump out of a roll could be an unlockable ability unlocked further down the skill tree of the combat roll. This way, the movement potential of the ability could be kept in the late game but not being abused at lower levels.

A couple videos showing it off.
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Yes this is what I was talking about, I do not know if it was intentional but I personally think it should be greatly diminished/nerfed because it is just unorthodox in the current setting of the game.