There should be special subclass equipment (After advancement)

So, there are currently 9 subclasses:

Assassin, Ranger, Trickster, Paladin, Berserker, Knight, Warlock, Cleric, and Sorcerer

Currently there are no subclass equipment. However, there will be another advancement after the subclasses where each subclass will be upgraded (No, you don’t get to pick another 3 classes off one)

Should there be equipment for these advancements?

Here are some problems I spot if we do indeed give equipment to these subclasses:

  1. How will boss drops work? There would be 9 unique drops for each subclass?
  2. How would we get special variants for them if they were a quest or a shop item?

Good stuff from these equipments:

  1. Special perks for specific subclasses. (Perk Example: Cleric’s heal leaves a holy puddle that gives 150 hp/s)
  2. More different looks in Vesteria, less seeing the same armor for a faction.
  • Yes, add subclass equipments
  • No, do not add subclass equipments
  • Yes, but make it a last boss only drop (Idea popped in my head)
  • Other (reply)

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Aren’t subclass-specific equipment already planned? The level 50 armor sets are sub-class specific and sneak peak images were sent out a while ago.

I honestly think that they need to add more gear as everyone within a certain level range looks exactly the same. A simple fix is to add some merchant next to the subclass trainers which sells gear. But here’s the twist: the merchant sells 4 armor sets, one with STR, one with DEX, one with INT, and one with VIT. So players can choose with set to buy as a certain set could benefit your stats.

I like this idea. One item for Rangers could be a Quiver, which can hold maybe 600 Arrows. TBH, I’m getting tired of having no space in my inventory for drops because I need Arrows for my bow.

Maybe just don’t be a mini-gun that shoots like 5 arrows per shot.

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did you mean make rangers an AA12

I can’t control how many arrows I shoot per shot, and I usually don’t use stance. I actually use my bow.

Actually, it’s called not having 69420 dex.

Just realized that sounded toxic, sry

I only have 70 Dex with my Moglo Mask on. 74 with my Aviator’s cap on.

This has been added, Great Weapons (Moko maul, Dustwurm Cudgel, Steel Warhammer, etc) have been made Paladin exclusive.