There might be a glitch in the sqr raid

So I was doing a couple of raids and noticed you can’t finish building the bridge. So I just reset and started again but the same glitch would still occur. Players who have the parts to repair the bridge can’t fix the bridge , so players like me would be forced to either restart or grind bats.

Edit : To make this shorter even if you have the parts needed to finish building the bridge the game wouldn’t allow you to fix it.

Do you mean someone dying as they’re picking up a part?

I don’t understand your issue. You must be missing a part, or someone thinks they have the part when they don’t. You don’t have to grind bats either way, just kill all the mobs before for a couple million (especially the giants and super giants).

No, I mean even if you have the parts needed to build the bridge you couldn’t finish fixing it meaning youd just be stuck in the room until the time runs out.

If someone dies/reset then the parts that the player has if he collected it will automatically go back to the place origin. Meaning if it was picked up and the missing piece’s not at the area it is found, then someone is either lying or doesn’t know.

An error log or recording of the event would be useful in determining the cause

I have no way to record the glitch as of currently and I’m not even sure if the raid is still buggy since I haven’t done it in awhile. Also wdym by error log?

Press f9 or fn + f9 on roblox and it opens the output logs

Alright the glitch doesn’t seem to happen in the raids anymore please close @Meta