Theory On Why Vesteria Is Losing Players

Vesteria for the past few days has been losing rapid amounts of members, I can say that this may be for many reasons but there’s something I’d like to mention which not many people have. It’s INCREDIBLY hard to level up now. The experience requirements were boosted by I think around x5. In my opinion, that’s a really bad move. A massive majority of Vesteria’s players are not level 30 yet, and don’t know about the forums or discord server.

I know that this was done to reduce players from speed running the game so quickly, but that’s a big part of what made the game fun, at least in my opinion. We’ve already had to grind so much, I wouldn’t like to do that again, especially 5 times over.

If I was a developer I would want my players to experience the game more too, but in my opinion all this has done was make people grind more. Vesteria is such a well developed game, and the less you have to grind, the more you can experience every other aspect.

I also recognize idols as part of this. I do agree on that aspect, that players should be grinding for that, but it doesn’t overwhelm the loss of about 150 players at a time and the need to have a fun experience with the game.

they say they’ll add high level gear to make leveling up more worth it yet getting to level 30 will never be prestigious due to subclasses. so make it seem like it isn’t prestigious and only the beginning by making it easier to level up.

I think you may notice that as the game is now around the level 23-24 mark is where things really do begin to slow down.

As of now I believe the highest level Mob is probably Batty, which is around Level 24-25.

I suspect with the future-release of later content, including higher leveled mobs, that it will not be so difficult to level-up.

I am also not aware of Vesteria’s statistics so I can’t speak to the recent number of active users playing and whether it’s dipped, and even so I do not believe there is currently any evidence that correlates the dip in activity to players struggling to level up - even before the experience requirement increase there were still many players who struggled to even reach mid-level 20s.

as a person with a lv 30 slot and a lv 20 i can say that progressing in Vesteria right now is too much of a grind. it also doesnt help that mobs are practically invincible when you start hitting level 20+, as this is the same point where XP needed starts ramping up quickly.

xp hiking up is not the only reason for this though,

as we all know, the Steel/Lunar items completely render some of the colosseum items useless due to the very close similarities in stats but the vast difference in cost. this has driven everyone away from colo (and sqr a little). everyone is able to get a very powerful weapon very quickly, which has in turn hiked up scroll costs.

however, scrolls aren’t coming in as much supply as weapons are being made, rising their prices quickly with the increased rarity of them, and the orb getting snapped

tl;dr unbalance in items, high xp rates, and lack of higher level content is slowly making Vesteria boring.

IMO the grind for leveling is fine until you hit level 26 unless your a casual.

I don’t mean that statement in a derogatory way like “filthy casual, learn skill noob” moreso that casual players don’t usually have the knowledge of how to speed through the levels and are generally slower to progress.

If anything before L26 xp is mostly fine imo but its enemies that need looking at as for most of the game the player is meaningfully weaker than what you’re suppose to be fighting at current time which exacerbates the feeling of not progressing fast enough, you move from one-sided encounter A to one-sided encounter B(The player isn’t losing by a landslide or anything its totally doable but to a more casual player i could see how this gets annoying quickly).

Its even worse so if you were unfortunate enough to pick mage, not because their bad but because leveling them is painful, they don’t have any real clear early on and are overly reliant on mana they don’t yet have. I have 2 warriors at level 26 and a hunter at level 27 but my mage slot is only level 12 because they’re unbearable to play in their early game, i have tons of respect for mages who stuck it out.

Mages are fire man I don’t know what you mean. :sunglasses::fire::fire:

Mages aren’t bad, i said this. i said there early game is bad because they don’t have good clear early and burn through mana for not alot done early game.

thank god i got lv 30 mage b4 the update lol

wow very cool such awesome 10/10 i agree :sunglasses::cowboy_hat_face:

also another reason why people quit vesteria is because of orb removal
totally not plugging my forum post about it :wink:

people wouldnt quit because of a orb removal

actually yeah they would because

  1. somepeople are mad at berezaa for breaking economy
  2. Its one of the only ways some people can upgrade equipment ex. headgear/boots or for the people that have to bless armor/weapons because of scroll inflation

People wouldnt quit over an orb removal
the orb was better than a 100% scroll but not better than a 70%
sure it was useful but people wouldnt quit over that
The player count was already down WAY before that

:eyes: if i didnt have all the stuff i have rn i wouldve quit when orb was removed
but ig we all have our different opinions

Yeah it’s pretty frustrating knowing the only way you can get good gear is from overpriced scrolls that may not work, I may have quit too.