The Worst Is Coming

Remember COPPA? Yeah, now it’s coming for teenagers.
Any thoughts?

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I don’t think I’m going to actually feel any impact from this change so I’m indifferent.

straightface bro

You may think you’re lucky, but the changes will indirectly affect you anyway.

I support this for a multitude of reasons.

Here’s one of them.

And if it does go into effect, Google and youtube are gonna have an early spring cleaning that has been long overdue

Not going to lie that’s pretty biased coming from someone over 16.
You remind me of the lawmakers who make these laws.
They don’t understand what they’re doing imo

Ok zoomer

Summarise how this is gonna affect ages 16+ please

You do realize this applies to privacy and your indivudal advertizer ID that google uses, and NOT lego children’s game save data, right?

Well one, bye bye YouTube, at least as we know it.

Their fault, it’s been coming for them for a long time now. YT is an anti conservative, progressive big platform with some of the sneakiest methods of silent censorship i’ve ever seen

lmao, don’t put the right into this
business is important, and making your platform advertiser friendly is vital to its revenue.
remember the adpocalypses?

That’s because youtube was being lazy and wasn’t doing the right stuff on the platform to combat child exploitation on their site

you’re comparing some political views to child bad boi videos
and sadly, yes
both types of videos are not advertiser friendly

Also relevant, This is what caused the adpocolypse as well, Since this stuff lasted over 2 years but nothing was being done about it and lastly, this is what YT has been doing to try and “Cover it up”

which they disable the comments for

and while I’m at it, what does censorship have anything to do with a 15 year olds being banned from social media?

After doing some brief research on Wikipedia on COPPA, it seems to already affect children under the age of 13 yet doesn’t affect any major websites including Youtube or Roblox. I don’t see how this change will change anything, really, other than improving privacy for teenagers in terms of how their personal data is used.