The world and you

theres alot of people in the world. there is endless things in the world. but you, you are one of the people. everyone is different in alot of ways but thats alot and the world has water. water is blue. the sky is blue. theres the sun. its yellow. explosions can happen by some stupid science thing. its a thing alright. some people die in like 8 seconds everytime. people are born at the same time. is odd. but it makes sense. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. time is a thing. you waste it. the world is weird. at the same time people are just wow.

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this post was a joke lol you wasted time what a noob.

  • what did i just read this is just stupid
  • idk im an idiot like Flare_Gun

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‘alot’ is actually two words. Build a Lot is a fun game.

Sun explosions, ay? Hello, mr science guy here. I beleive you are referring to solar flares. They’re pretty neat. When they build up a lot you can see big plasma balls shoot of the sun (but you can’t really see it because it’s the sun, we just know they are there.) It’s pretty sick. It converts magnetic (potential?) energy into kinetic energy. From my knowledge we are pretty clueless how but it’s pretty sweet. It’s like turning gravity into a usable energy that is really efficient. I guess a giant ball of gas that’s constantly undergoing nuclear fusion should be expected to do some weird stuff… and one day it will implode destroying our entire solar system. Weird amirite? No. I’m not right! It makes perfect sense. Energy doesn’t come from nowhere, people! Eventually it will burn out, collapsing in on itself because of our friend the Laws of Thermodynamics. Also arguably our enemy, the Laws of Thermodynamics. But not! If we had the same wacked out physics the big bang had we’d be in serious trouble. None of that stuff makes any sense.

Ok I’m gonna stop myself. I let my mind wander, I originally was just gonna say they are called solar flares but I guess this works.

Well then.

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