The Wizard's Folly

Playtest 15th, 2018

The day started out as any other, with spiders, invisibility, and plenty of caves. Our story today focuses on Avoiided the Powerful, a level 25 Wizard of course. He materialized at the village like usual and went to fight some Clawboys. While he was on his way, he took a wrong turn into an Enchanted Forest. He ventured through these mystical woods to be confronted by a spider. “Nope!” he screamed as he ran way, dropping his many collected scrolls along the way.

Later that night…

Our hero, after narrowly escaping the “Nope” as he called it, sat in the local inn begging for help against these foul beasts, three adventurers came to his aid. “I am Chief” exclaimed the Warrior “I will be your sword against these beasts of the Enchanted Forest”. “I am Bear” shouted the Mage “I will light your path and heal your wounds”. “I am Wersing” uttered the Hunter “I will kill your enemies before they realize they are dead”.

Avoiided the Powerful and his new found Guild of Heroes went back into the Enchanted Forest to slay these spiders, but they had developed a new ability in the time of their last meeting, they were invisible! The Guild severed, blasted, and sliced their way through the invisible haze of Spiders, but suddenly they were transported! The Heroes reappeared in the Mushroom Forest. The invisibility the Spiders had gained, spread to the Shroompas and Fat Boys, no place was safe! The Guild ran to Altford with life barely clinging to their drained bodies. Their Mage used what Mana he could to heal them, but they had to recover for a while before going out against the invisible foe. What Dark entity had such power as to render his minions invisible?

Avoiided the Powerful, using his Ancient Staff, managed to protect the City of Altford with a spell, but it would be a manner of time before the monsters outside invaded.

To be continued

So guys, what did you think? I wasn’t able to play this playtest, but it sounds like there were some bugs that needed to be worked on. Thankfully, the devs got to it in time to fix most of them and we will have some even bigger adventures next week!

Thanks to @avoiided for providing me with this story

Leave a like and reply below with what you thought, any issues on grammar, or general impressions! I’ll try to make a hunter focused story next week.


lol i like it :joy:

As Said Before, Your Stories Are Always Awesome, You Never Cease To Excite Me @Chief. Keep Up The Good Work!

Man wish I was a level 25, guess I gotta grind harder to beat the invisible enemies and poisonous air! :crossed_swords: