The Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar is a special quest, its a quest where if you mess up you’ll get sent back to the beginning.
You start off with not talking to any NPC to begin the quest. The quest starts off as a random occurance, in Nilgarf there will be a burning house and there will be a crowd of people watching as the house burns down. The Stranger will get in front of the crowd and ask for any brave souls to help him save his son who was playing in there, He says if you do this and risk your life he will reward you greatly for getting his kid out safely.

You enter the wine cellar door and manage your way through the fire and falling debris. You have to locate where the wine cellar door is and once you find it through the wine cellar door but you notice the door is locked and there is a mysterious black fire coming from the door and that the burning wood blocking the door is also burning with the black fire. You’ll have to find a way to remove the burning debris and get through the door but you poke it with a stick and the stick disintegrates.

Option 1:
You risk it and jump over the debris and open the door going into the Wine Cellar. Doing this will set the difficulty to Nightmare, the enemies will deal twice the damage, different varieties of them spawn, and a different ending.

Option 2:
You get out of the house and tell The Stranger that debris is blocking the wine cellar and ask if there is any other way to get out. He says There is a back door that he can use and you can go to the side of the house to find another door with mysterious black fire and you enter putting the dungeon in Normal difficulty.

You enter the wine cellar to find a massive hole in the wall with dark red fire coming out of it and have dark red faces on it that sorta look like this.
hell (dedicated vesteria players when berezaa sells out)
You reach out and put your hand on it and have your health go down and you’ll be lit on fire for around 3 seconds which and will drain your mana. You have 5 seconds to think about going back to the back door and dropping the quest or you can run into the portal, if you don’t make up your mind in 5 seconds the roof will collapse on you and kill you! isn’t that pretty fun?

Entering the portal will slowly drain your health and completely take away your mana, you’re in a dark abyss but see a light at the end and have to run at it before you die from the fire. Touching the light will teleport you into a big dark area. The Wine Cellar is a distorted room, bending reality making it seem bigger than what it actually is. Possible never ending rooms of terror and what lurks in the shadows, The area is pitch black and you’ll have to carry a lantern and keep refueling it to make your way through the wine cellar. You can find fuel randomly in burning black fires with a little bit of normal fire popping up, being consumed by the darkness will drain your health and you will die.

Rooms are filled with enemies possibly shadow creatures or corrupted rats that are on fire! or they could be a safe zone where you can rest and rest for a bit before going back into the darkness. You’ll have to climb walls which seem extremely high for something in a wine cellar. There will be high edges where you can fall into the void and die, you can have a slip and fall and die, enemies can find you and eat you and you will die. Everything is made to kill you.

First Major Room:
You enter a dark arena and you see The Stranger's Kid in the middle and you go up and ask him to come with you but he turns around to be a illusion and disappears. Acid drops from the ceiling and burns you, you look up to find a other worldly creature staring down at you with a sinister smile. He comes down and slams the ground and you get launched back and this is the first boss battle.

(not going into detail on the first boss' moves)

Pillage Room:
You defeat the boss and the floor collapses and you fall into a void, The screen goes dark and you wake up in a bed in the middle of a field. You see a town in the distance to find it empty and you get a random message from ??? to light all the candles in the village. Doing this will trigger a event where the village is getting pillaged and ghosts appear of knights, warriors, and mages. You help defend the village and the ghosts fade away with the village too

Nightmare Option

There will be 3 more waves on the Pillage event, the last waves will have a giant monster, a zombie dragon, and a giant skeleton crawling on the floor coming to break the walls of the village.

Finishing the pillage room will have your screen start have broken mirror effect where it all breaks and falls. You’ll wake up back in the distorted wine cellar where you head to the next room, you hear the kid crying and you climb, jump down tall structures, avoid monsters and go to the kid. Its the real one and once you pick him up and put him on your back he will give slowness debuff.

You have to survive the waves of enemies coming and will have to survive through 5 minutes of hell while carrying the child.There is a invisible line where if you cross it you will fall from exhaustion and die, once you finish the KOTH you have few seconds to get out of the circle or be crushed by a falling chandelier.

Nightmare Option

The corrupted king makes a appearance and you will have to avoid his attacks and push him back out of the circle or he will use his ultimate and burn you to hell.

You now have the child so you go back through the wine cellars distorted room and have to climb down through all the walls and get to safe rooms to not die from the darkness and including having to replenish the lantern.

`Lost Souls Area*:
You get teleported into a smol empty ghost town, You find a gate to teleport you back but most of the pieces are missing and you see a ghost running off with one of them. You have to collect all the 10 gems to make the crystal and reopen the gate. The ghosts are tricksters and have the town full of traps that can do a lot of damage or set you back.

There will be traps that can make you drop gems and nearby ghost will come to pick them up and run away.

Nightmare Ending:
You go back into the dark creepy portal and run to the real wine cellar and get out through the back door, You faint and fall down. You wake up in front of the house with The Stranger saying “Sorry! I didn’t see you there bud. Have this sorry gift!” and will give you a present box containing exclusive and very special rewards for your trouble going through the nightmare.

  • Burning Crow Pet: A companion that shows you survived through a extremely hard version of a difficult quest/dungeon/koth? (CHANCE 25% )
  • Corrupted Crown: kool lookin crown, hell yea it even has a burning effect. (CHANCE 25%)

Normal Ending:
You get out and go back to The Stranger giving him back his kid giving you a normal chest containing rewards for bringing him back his child containing goodies by making this quest/dungeon/koth? worth the trouble and risking your life.

No, I won’t be making this dungeon easier and will be a difficult hellish area and want it to stay like that because of the rewards you’re getting. This should probably a level 60-100 quest idk.

hope you enjoyed it!

void is pp face

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bad lmao
I did not read it but it’s more than likely good

it’s good I would like it (also why do you like nigralf so much)

Bawk! (nilgarf hot)

I remember when I was super tired and said I wish I could “undress” for money in nigralf lmao

that would have be one hell of a house ngl
big boy mansion

I would like to see this being implemented in the game. Sounds fun! But it also might get boring after a few runs like sqr .-.

where would it fit tho

thats for @chicken to decide

true uwu

Bawk! (I want something exciting! Not some boring modified dungeon quest)

Bawk! (very big boi mansion and its a EXTREMELY large area. the wine cellar is like a giant landscape of mountains)

in clearing then? needs big boi space

Bawk! (hopefully it would fit)

Bawk! (the entire dungeon will all take in 1 place and will be the size of 3 mushtowns)

maybe who knows it’s berezza and friends where the bugs/stuff never ends

References to alcohol are likely prohibited, try something like… alchemist’s chamber?

potion chamber

If you fail does the kid D I E?

he becomes an immortal boss that one shots you