The Warlock's Tale | Part 3

Mia stared gaily as the crowd of mages cheered.
Greybeard: Now that you are a mage, you must begin your true training.
Mia: W-what do you mean?
Greybeard: You will see. I have assigned you a trainer for your beginner magic.
A long haired blonde girl with white and gold robes smiled next to Greybeard.
Greybeard: Mia, this is Allison Flarestrike from Lightstrin, one of Pope Jonathan’s finest Clerics. She will teach you well.

Later at training…

Allison was a huge chatterbox. Not exactly Mia’s favorite kind of person.
Allison: Oh my GOSH it’s been so nice to meet you today!
Mia: …?
Allison: This tree-place is so much colder than Lightstrin, I’m not used to it!

Mia: W-what?
Allison: Do you like hog sandwiches? I don’t, I’m veeeegan!
Mia: Slow down!
Allison: Ooh yeaah. I think have to teach you the basic mage spells.

Allison cleared her throat
Allison: Watch this!

She raised her staff and teleported magically to about 5 meters away

Mia: …That’s pretty cool…!
Allison: Yeah, here’s how you do it-
Allison gave Mia a spellbook
Allison: Go to page 23.

Mia: Blink - Channel your magic through you and point your staff forward…?
Mia thought of the Magic Missile
Mia: Ooooh, I get it now!
She focused her energy and pointed her staff forward powerfully.

Allison: Yeah! Like that-


Mia teleported forward, but a black pulse burst out of her and knocked Allison back.
Mia: O-oh no!
Allison: I’m okay, I’m okay!!
Allison was not okay, she had cuts all over her. Thankfully she waved her staff in the air and healed herself.

Allison: What was that? No new mage recruit can cast dark magic!? I gotta talk to Greybeard about this!
Mia: That was dark magic?
Allison: Uhh-huh! Oh boy this is weird! It was like that time my brother did a weird spell with this ugly looking staff we found in the-
Allison: Okay okay! I gotta go ask Greybeard about this! Training starts again tomorrow at 3PM!

Mia: …oh boy.



It has been the fattest minute since Part 2, sorry about that.

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I almost forgot about this, nice to see it come back


ah yes this interests me

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Short but interesting, I love it!

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Ah yes, I see I have successfully convinced you to continue this.


I hunger for these stories, Good job :+1: