The War has begun

The Goblin King has officially declared war on the Spider Queen…

Heres a quick video of a goblin in terrorizing a spider in the wild… May god be with you…

Which team are you on??

  • Team Goblin :japanese_goblin:
  • Team Spider :spider:

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I think we can safely say the spiders have won :triumph: can we get an L for the goblins?

(disclaimer: please don’t go attack people who chose the opposite team, all of this is just a
a small meme and all just for fun!)


Team goblin rise up :triumph:

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Team spider :smiling_imp: :spider:

why is everyone choosing team spiders? :weary:

Team Goblin for the win, they have Shaman and they have magic rain dance!

welcome to the cool kids squad :triumph:
goblins are CLEARLY better then spiders!! spiders just have big hit boxes and their army consists of CHILDREN! Unlike goblins who have small hitboxes, strong clubs and a shaman with magic! why does no one understand us?!

The children are the worst part lol

oH nO lOw EffOrt

please don’t judge my low effort memes

only if people had access to low effort land

team spider? more like team bad B)

welcome to the cool kids

oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

Spiders are higher level (except for shaman) and we have a queen and a prince, just cuz yall got houses and a neighborhood doesn’t mean you’re better than us.

your queen inslaves her children to fight noble travelers :open_mouth:

They are volunteers.

they are inslaved, they dont get a choice they are just taught, to murder all the travelers they see!

I wonder which team the dev’s are on :thinking:

gotta go for the underdog
teamgoblin for life :triumph:

You goblins have houses, we have a lair! TEAM SPIDER!