The Vesterian Grinding Guide, Levels 1-30

Hey guys, I’m Ryan, known as delxium in the Roblox world. This is my first post, but you don’t care. I’ll get straight into the guide. NOTE: THIS GUIDE IS NOT FOR NOOBS WHO ARE JUST STARTING, THIS IS A EFFICIENT METHOD FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE AT LEAST ONE SLOT AT LVL 30, AND WANT TO GRIND ANOTHER SLOT. Also, this doesn’t include where to get armors. Find another guide if you want that.

Level 1-3: At these levels, the only thing you can grind is basically Chickens. Once you think you’re ready, head to Mushroom Forest.

Level 3-5: Now what you wanna do is grind Shrooms. You also want to do every single damn quest you can.

5-8: Here’s when you want to grind those big tuff guys with beards, aka Elder Shrooms. These guys will give you beards, which you CANNOT put on. If you’re feeling pretty good, go to The Clearing and you’ll find this guard guy who wants beards from the big tuff guys. (I’m pretty sure he’s in The Clearing)

8-10: If you’re weak and kinda bad, farm Hogs or something. It’s actually not that bad. They drop something called Hog Meat, which is pretty good. If you’re a cool kid like me, you wanna farm these Crabby bois. If you’re smart, you would have realized that I haven’t put down the locations where the mobs spawn. That’s because I’m pretty sure you’re smart enough to know where these dudes spawn. If you don’t, ask your friendly neighborhood Google and uhh you’ll get answers.

10-20: This is the fun part. Go to Shiprock Bottom, where you’ll see these slimy shell bois called Snels. Right now, there’s this thing where when you lure the Snels to you, they’ll stay at a certain distance, where you can attack them, but they can’t attack you. This only works when you don’t move after luring them to you. When they’re at that distance, you sword kiddos can slicy, you sneaky bois can shoot, and you magic bois can do magic. This basically gives you easy exp until about level 16 or 17. When you hit those levels, you can grind a type of Snel in the caves. Those give more exp. BE SURE TO GET ARMOR FROM YOUR HOME CITY, OR YOU’LL DEFINITELY DIE.

20-25: Grind Batties in batty cage, since they spawn like crazy. If you don’t know how to get in, uhhh, ask someone in your server. If they don’t help you, say “help me or fat”, if they still don’t help you, I guess you know that they’re fat. Also, Ratties are pretty great too for leveling up, so if you want to grind rats instead of bats then go ahead.

25-30: At this level, you might want to start trying to get a spider weapon by running the Spider Queen dungeon, aka SQR. It gives 1 million exp every run, so it’s still pretty good for leveling up. If no one want’s to invite you, you might wanna get Batties or Ratties for a while more until people wanna invite you.

So this was my guide. I hope it helped you a bit I guess. If you ever see me in game, uh, give me money. OH, and if you think there should be an edit tell me pls, ty. ANNND I’m in the PoTM discord fyi, so if you wanna tell me an edit you can do it there too.

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good guide right here


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What about spider queen, or spiders?

if you’re just leveling up, that isn’t efficient as people would have to invite you, you die, etc. and spiders are just bad

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ye true

Actually, if you know how to juke mobs from another rpg like SB2, you’ll be able to farm mobs like Shrooms and Hogs at lower levels.
Also 20-25 should be bats, SQR gives juicy 1M exp along with the exp gained in the dungeon itself. At level 25, you’ll get in a party easily.

Mushtown no longer has Baby Shrooms (I don’t think, at least after the newest Mushtown revamp) and instead you should fight Chickens which give the same XP as Baby Shrooms but don’t attack you.

You can begin the Innkeeper quest, but you can’t actually complete it yet since it requires you to get into Nilgarf to do so, which you can’t do until level 7 (I think, or the Clearing might have been updated to require level 15 like Great Crossroads).

Hogs drop Hog Meat which heals a pretty good amount and gives extra STR. Farming Hogs until you get a bit of Hog Meat is actually quite good, especially if you don’t really have the money to get Orange Potions at level 8.

Also, I really don’t think you understand what the purpose of a guide is. You aren’t supposed to create a puzzle for the reader, or say “you should know this already”. Whenever creating a guide, assume the person reading it has played Vesteria for about 5 minutes and knows the basics, but not anything past that, unless you explicitly have a guide about a certain area. Overall guides like this should say where the mobs are and the general path to get to each location.

I know you put

But in that case, then why even bother making the guide? At that point, most Level 30s would already have a really good knowledge on where to go to level up at any stage of the game and would not require a guide. Plus, this guide doesn’t mention storing items in the bank or alt account/friend slot trading (if you already have too many items in the bank), which would be how most level 30s would begin their run (skipping Clearing from level 1 and going straight to the Bank in Nilgarf, grabbing items they left for themselves and heading back).

Ratties also have a large spawn rate at the bottom of the main sewers pit. They’re typically the go-to for most people farming Ancients since they spawn in a very small area and any decent AoE attack will kill all of them, and since they constantly respawn you don’t have to worry about hitting at a bad time and getting nothing.

Also, at this point I would recommend buying/trading/getting a Spider Weapon for your slot so that you can have one at this point in time. Especially Mages and Hunters, since their Spider Weapons are really good and give great perks (Warrior SQR weapon is meh).

Overall, it’s a decent guide, but there are a few flaws.

Ngl get carried into gauntlet if your a mage and just sit at a good distance and spam magic bomb till the scorpions die, could argue it’s broken but I find it hard work and deserved exp.

kk. thanks for the advice. ima change up some stuff later.