The Vesteria Wiki!

I have discovered a Wikia page for Vesteria.

I will be adding as much info to it as possible in the next few days.
(Not today though, I have a ton of chemistry homework)

OOoh I can’t wait to see how this goes

can’t wait!

That will come in handy later :+1:

Out Of The Three Sciences (Physics, Chemistry And Biology) I Would Say That Chemistry Is My Favourite.

Chemistry is kinda fun… I just have a teacher who grades harder than any other teacher… and it’s an honors class. :sob:

I Had To Look Up What An ‘Honors Class’ Is, Looks Like It Was Similar To What I Did Back In Secondary School.

It’s like a normal class, but harder and can also boost your GPA above 4 if you get an A.

You Didn’t Have To Tell Me What It Is As I Did

But It Doesn’t Really Matter Now.