The Union Guild

Logo made by @Seqral

Looking for more members and moderators! DM me at Spider#4359 if you wish to apply as moderator, or join the server to become a member.

The Union was formed on 4/9/20 by @Spider. We are a guild dedicated to giving you the best experience possible in Vesteria. We are also like The Coalition and The Alpha Alliance - The Union is a collection of guilds working together. To join, make sure you meet the Discord server requirements or ask your guild leader if they want to join The Union.


The Union

The flagship guild, The Union is the guild running it all.


Run by @Anti_Immortal, this amazing guild was the first to join.


  • Be active - after one month of inactivity, unless it was a planned hiatus (vacation, etc.), you will be kicked
  • No scamming or bullying - we are not accepting those who have a history of getting into bad things
  • No swearing or inappropriate content - imagine saying it to your parents
  • No impersonating or spreading fake news - we are not going to tolerate spreading fake info about others

Failure to follow these rules will results in being kicked or even banned from the guild and the server.


  • Weekly Bandit Raids
  • Friendly community
  • Open to suggestions
  • Free giveaways
  • And much more!


If you are a leader or general, you will be expected to set a good example and may take on staff duties.


  • 4/9/20: The Union is formed
  • 5/6/20: UNDERoATH joins The Union