The Stranger's Blessing


It is a great day for Vesteria therefore the entire RPG category.
The Stranger hasn’t been getting any love and should be the NPC that we get the Alpha Goodie Bags from. He should also give us His Particle Effects as a blessing to all the alpha players :sob:

The particles should be a vanity item where it is soulbound and can’t be traded, sold, dropped and it should be accessible through all slots Do it for the stranger :frowning:

Here is a clothing items that are only purchasable during alpha! He should sell replicas of his clothes and have a pitch black skin color cosmetic which will be the only free thing that you can get. The rest of the items should be priced at:

  • The Stranger’s Hat - 100s
  • The Stranger’s Vest - 300s
  • The Stranger’s Pants - 200s

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Are you sure about that?

Bawk! (bruh)

Bawk! (God dammit who moved it into gameplay improvements)

It was me, Cthoma. Get Rekt

Bawk! (Pretty gey but okay i just want them particles to have the extra flexing material on the Stupid Beta Gnomes)

I love this idea. but the stranger should stay. and if this is the case, it should not be the stranger’s goodbye, but the stranger’s blessing.

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Bawk! (Crap i like the name The Stranger’s Blessing and yea he wont be removed just saying goodbye to alpha and for the good time)

so is he getting removed

Bawk! (changed it to a blessing to all alpha players!)


like the idea very cool

and i think the outfit should not be included, unless vanity slots are getting added. getting the particles and black skin though is a good idea.

Bawk! (Vanity Items have already been suggested that cover your armor)

yes good idea yes alpha exclusive clothes

I love the Particle Idea! It looks lit! :smiley:

yeah, figured that vanity is suggested already.

Bawk! (Gotta shove them down berezaas throat while alpha is still here!)

think he will see this?

Bawk! (The Stranger’s clothes should cover your armor like in Terraria where clothing covers the armor but you still get the effect without having to take out the armor just to look good and yea if we show him this and he likes it he might add it as a last minute gift)