The Steampunk's Shop

Every Wednesday, the Steampunk has a chance to appear in Port Fidelio, inside one of the houses. The Steampunk would set up her shop there. She can give steampunk-related weapons if you give her gears, which are received when doing one of her random quests.

Quests: These are randomized every Wednesday, and give 10-20 cogs.
They can be fetch missions or defeating mobs.

Fetch Missions: The Steampunk has lost something while on her way here! Using the clues given, go find it, and bring the object back! These can be: Steampunk’s Hat, Gear, or Goggles. They can be located at nearby destinations like: Seaside Path, Nilgarf, and Farmlands. Note: These quests give about 10 cogs.

Mob Missions: The Steampunk says that there were some nasty mobs on her way here! Go clear the certain amount of them. These mobs can be: Crabbies, Scarecrows, Rubees, and Boars. Note: The mob requested to kill could be a giant. (Giants can be 25 cogs and regular mobs can be 20.)

Steampunk Weapons:

Steampunk Staff: Every 5 direct hits with the regular attack causes a cog to emerge from the floor, following the enemy for a short period, causing constant damage. (Can be bigger with higher rank of staff.)

Steampunk Sword: If doing 3 ground slams in a row, will cause the 4th to spread gears around the ground slam for better AOE. (Can add more gears with higher rank of sword.)

Steampunk Dagger: If doing 2 executes in a row, will make the 3rd one more powerful, along with a gear that you throw, piercing.

Concept Art

this is a xyquad cat idea

whats that supposed to mean

xyquad cat

cool :sunglasses:

yes xyquad cat is very cool

It’s not very creative to just make another weapon seller that conviniently sells every kind of weapon except “steampunk” ish, with some different abilities.


Steampunk Tophat (Cosmetic Item) - 100 Cogs
“A snazzy little black tophat”

Propeller Hat - (Cosmetic Item) 10 Cogs
“Look like a five year old in STYLE!”

Goggles (Cosmetic Item) - 50 Cogs
“Good for protecting your eyes!”

Rainbow Goggles (Cosmetic Item) - 500 Cogs (Golden Goggles with a rainbow effect)

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I get what you mean, and I do love the little additions you added. Only thing is, why rainbow goggles so expensive for a cosmetic?

Because they look super cool.
Let’s just say the normal goggles look like… goggles.
The rainbow goggles have golden edges and ANIMATED rainbowness instead of glass to see through lmao

It’s like the spider queen crown, in a way. Hard to get, but looks rather cool.

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Ah okay lol

Honestly, for some reason I feel like a steam punk themed equipment set could actually work? And I like the unique effects applied with them though maybe randomise them a bit more - perhaps design them for particular builds in mind?

Really like this though.


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Thanks! I really like the idea of having occasional events, kind of how the yeti is and how sq used to be. I think it makes players want to play more. (I’ll try to think of more unique effects and possibly try and add armor as well)

On it.

Gold Armor (Warrior)

Gold Chestplate - 150 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Ooh, shiny!”

Gold Plate Helmet - 100 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Worn by the most greedy warriors”

Golden Knee Pads - 75 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Gold to the knee!”

Greedy Gear (Hunter)

Gem Hood - 120 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Stealth in style!”

Greedy Vest -150 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
"A black vest covered in dazzling gems!

Gold Boots - 70 Cogs (Defense Undecided) -1 Movespeed
“Slows you a little, but provides more defense than normal boots.”

Sunstruck Robes (Mage)

Sunstruck Hat - 100 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Bright yellow robes that look like the sun!”

Sunstruck Robes - 150 Cogs (Defense Undecided)
“Bright as gold!”

The reason I made this armor gem and gold themed is because the Steampunk Theme includes a lot of… gold.