The state of mass DPS / farming methods : From Ranger to Sorcerer

I feel like this needs to be said, or that someone needs to mention it, as almost NOTHING / NO-ONE has mentioned the recent HUGE buff to Sorcerer’s fireball ability which has been turned into Meteor.

This SINGLE ability, has changed the entire state of farming, and in particular, for the sewers, a huge place for high level farming for ancient scrolls, and for lower levels to safely get EXP.

This ability does massive amounts of damage when fully upgraded, not to mention with mages basically putting 100% of their points into intelligence for magic damage. Not only this, but for other people farming, having a sorcerer anywhere near their farming location is horrible. The meteor’s damage and AOE is so huge that say, a level 42 sorcerer with no upgraded items / scrolls using the 50 MP ability hits the enitre rat pit with it, including the pit itself, all surrounding walls and alcoves, and even bats in the other portion of the sewers.

It does 1400 damage, burns for 2-4 seconds, and basically in the process instakills all mobs in the pit, rats and bats included, giving the sorcerer in the process about 30x 6000+ EXP gains with one single ability, which repeats OVER and OVER and OVER again in the span of 10 minuets, having about gained over 300,000 EXP in the process of using one ability, and adding the extra burn damage with the MP gained per enemy hit buff for the level 10 intelligence trait, they never even have to drink a single pot while in the process of grinding.

Please nerf this ability, or change the way it works, as its general AoE and scaling is WAY too off the charts, and I’m saying that as a CLERIC with a WEBBED STAFF, which on its own is strong.

I have to agree. On my side, I have commonly been doing PvP mage subclasses for fun in the testing realm. Sorcerers always win due to the fact the meteor’s radius combined with the high damage including burn. It’s too harsh, aswell as it can almost hit everything in sight and getting so much experience or kills in total. Please adjust Sorcerers!


As a sorcerer, I agree. Meteor is super overpowered when it comes to farming. I have no clue how they would balance it though. I think that either a burn nerf or an increase in mana cost should do it.

Edit: also rangers are still pretty good when it comes to farming with the arrow hail thing.

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Sorcerers are so good at their sorcery that they can summon a celestial body that crashes into earth, leaving themselves unharmed but creating a nuclear winter and a 50-km wide crater, wiping all of the life on earth out. Raise the nerf hammer; knock the sorcerers all out so they all forget how to do this spell or do it worse, with higher mana cost, resurrect level cool down and no burn.

There’s a lot of classes with little range, “high” DPS abilities, only to be beaten by abilities with both huge AoE and damage (such as burn). There’s gotta be a tradeoff.

Rather than just slapping on more mana cost or cutting damage:

  • Longer cast time
  • Damage will interrupt casting
  • Not immune to self-damage

In this case, it retains its viability of a nuke without being automatable.

Might I say, this is for level 20 enemies, this isnt the same for the gauntlet. I’ve already tested it, and Arrow Rain is mostly a good ability, but the enemies have generally a big def. This wont stay the same, so dont worry (yes it might be more powerful than most abilitys but it bigger enemies will come).

And for weapons, better ones will come, like I said before its a level 25 weapon with level 50+ expansions.

Fireball, not arrow rain.

Sorcerer in a nutshell.

I’m in the sewers minding my own business and some people tell me they’ve blocked me because it’s too hard to farm exp wit me around.

Sometimes it’s hard being the best.

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I literally did this last night LMAO
Are you Fe4r??

Yeah lol.

No wonder a Sorcerer gets so much hate.
From rats and rats alone.

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Sorcerer hate momento

Adding more fuel to our fire. I like it.