The SoX Hide And Seek Challenge

SoX will be running a hide and seek Challenge Friday the 13th at 9pm Est hosted by Fori_zon
Here are what Fori_zon described the rules as
Assassin is banned
Hide And Seek
We will be using a randomizer to see what you would be every round


  • 5 Minutes to hide.
  • 30 Minutes to seek.
  • Seekers choose where the round takes place
  • Once you chosen a spot, you can move whenever but you have to move when told to


  • You are the judge and jury
  • You are allowed to watch the game but may not give hints away.
  • For example, if you find someone, you can not stop and look at them. You must keep moving around the chosen area.

General Info

  • There will be more seekers if there are many hiders
  • 5-1 ratio
  • The Seeker will also earn loot for finding people
  • Whoever is left remaining within 20 minutes, they will have to be forced into a area the seeker has chosen. Then it is a 10 minute timer from there. If more than 1 persons still remains, it becomes a move but you have 10 seconds to move and then its another 10 minutes.

How It Works

  • To catch someone, you have to call them out in chat or VC. Then the Hider must stay still and wait for the seeker to approach them.
  • If caught you turn into a seeker.
  • Their will be multiple rounds
    Seekers: Every person you catch is a point for you and if you caught the most people that round you get 3 points
    Hiders: Every 5 minutes you last is a point and being the last hider left gives you 5 points

Rewards for Seekers are very small right now and we do not have anything yet for hiders but rewards will get better

Rewards will be for top 3 overall players


  • Mogloko Mask
  • Tiki Weapons (Maul)
  • 1 or 2 Curse Scrolls
  • Ratty Vest
  • 150 Silver (105 Silver With Tax)


  • Spare Rubee Halo
  • Tuaa Bow
  • 2 Great Scrolls
  • 75 Silver (53 Silver With Tax)


  • 1 Great scroll
  • Ratty Vest
  • Tuaa Shield
  • 50 Silver (35 Silver With Tax)
    We will take donations to expand the prize pool

DM Buildpuncher#9537 or ๖̶̶̶ζ͜͡Valiant#3333 to get registered
Or join here to Register


Assassin isn’t banned?

Hol up this is not my event give me a sec i gotta clerify some things

Never heard of this guild and they have multiple events ongoing. I’d recommend making a guild post in #discord-servers to centralise the information about your guild in one spot (unless it’s a private guild, in which case don’t bother).

Do not have enough trust and im the new leader so rip

Do you have someone in your guild who has Member rank who could make the guild post?

oops oh i see
Guidelines says the leader has to put it in and no i do not think i do tbh

Nope, has to be the leader.

So that’s why a lot of these new guilds don’t have guild posts, it’s because a lot of them are missing Member rank.

Im trying to post and be active to get that member rank so i can get the guild out there more

Im banning invis

good idea

So now we do not know how prizes are going to work because pre-alpha is coming out tonight so ill keep you posted on whats gonna happen with this hide and seek

Bump because events tomorrow

Event in 5 hours and also Made the Rewards much better

Where will it be held tho

It should say in there that the seekers for that round decide if not my bad