The Simulacrum user| Chapter 1

This is more of a continuation of Viona tale I made earlier, This story is inspired by JoJo Bizzare Adventure Stardust Crusaders
but I will try to make it as original as I can with more twist on it

Tim is usually neglected by his parents and he always got bullied for his cute name “Timmy Morin”
Many friends that Tim friends with end up scamming him for his money and most of them are women, making his parents angry to him and never gave him any money for whatever he want

When he got into a fight Viona decided to save Tim and Viona got smacked with a club trying to save Tim

Tim then develop a friendship with Viona and he feels warm when he sees her

Viona is a person that can control her emotion always be patient with Tim psychopathic personality and sometimes hold Tim to not kill someone he hates

After Viona graduated from school Viona decided to be a mage and she offers Tim to be a mage too

They train together and feel the pain together but Viona choose a different path and become a Sorcerer while Tim become a Warlock

A week has passed and Tim finally regains consciousness, Kyle and Viona waiting in his room filled with worries and his consciousness finally brightens their faces

Tim: Wait uhh… where am I?
Viona: Oh my Vesra, you’re back!
Tim: Wait why am I inside a hospital?!
Kyle: You have over-trained yourself and she has been crying for 2 days almost endlessly thinking about your condition!
I’m Sorry Viona, I think I’m being too harsh on you

Kyle: next time you should stop when your body can’t take it anymore!
Tim: I get it, I don’t need your health advice Cleric!

The doctor opened the door and he said Tim can go now
** Viona is then taking Tim to his home**

A warrior appears out of nowhere and Tim sees him getting closer to Viona and he sees him as an intruder

Alan: Viona! It’s me, Alan! remember me?

Tim: Simulacrum!
A simulacrum spawned but it launches a punch to Alan causing him to fall instantly

Alan: Aught!
Tim: Don’t touch my Viona you scum!
Alan: I come in PEACE just PLEASE don’t kill me!
Viona: Tim!

Tim remained silent and feel bad for hurting Viona feeling for punching Alan with his simulacrum

While Viona arguing to Tim Ms. Asmyriadora came and asking Tim to go to her place

Asmyriadora: Well well it seems like you have unlocked a hidden power from your hard training
Tim: What?
Asmyriadora: sight follow me and you Ms you can follow me if you want!
Viona: Yes Ms!

I’m very sorry if I make this story short due to my computer are currently broken and right now i’m writing on my mom potato laptop


What a great thing for a person to do :joy:

Very nice!! Looking forward to the next part!!


damien has spotted an imposter warlock
put your hands UP in the air

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He’s a different boi
I will make him a better anti hero

Ah yes, the emo semi-evil character, I love this.

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I still stand by the addition of a story tag for these


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