The Shroom (A short Vesteria creepypasta)

Disclaimer: This story is non-canon and does not tie in with my other fanfictions. Treat this as a spin-off.

it all started when that blasted baby shroom showed up near the town walls

it looked like a normal baby shroom and wasn’t attacking anyone

i thought it’d be safe to approach it, since it looked friendly enough

slowly, i walked torwards it, hoping to cook up a stew with it, but it bounced away from me

as i had nothing to do and was bored, i followed it, as it bounced slowly to the lake nearby

suddenly, it turned around, jumping into my face, knocking me to the floor

i punched and kicked at it, but it didn’t move

it bit into my arm, as i cried out in pain

i prepared myself for death, and shut my eyes

strangely enough, nothing happened and when opened my eyes again, it was gone

i went back to mushtown and went to my room, panting heavily, my arm felt heavy and some blood was spilling from the wound, but nothing fatal

i bandaged my wound and went to sleep, hoping to forget what happened

i woke up in the middle of the night, sounds of shrooms bouncing everywhere

quickly, i grabbed my wooden sword laying nearby, expecting a shroom

but there was nothing nearby.

i tried to go back to sleep, but the sounds wouldn’t go away, thudding louder and louder

after finishing my dinner the next night, i went out for a walk, still slightly spooked by last night

the sound of a elder shroom grunting suddenly was heard, as a turned around, raising my arms to defend myself

but everything was normal

townspeople walked around like normal, and i wondered if i was becoming paranoid

the next day, the sounds wouldn’t go away

i felt like i was going insane, shroom noises thudding in my head

that night, i woke again, and as i tried to sit on my bed to calm myself, my left arm was whiter than usual, and was more muscular

i was on the verge of screaming but forced myself to think that it was nothing but a trick of the light, and hid under the covers for the rest of the night

when i woke up, i was in the middle of the mushroom forest

having no idea how i got there, i walked around slowly, the night sky still visible

i snapped a stick from a nearby tree to protect myself in case of an attack

the main path wasnt visible from where i was, and the mist was heavy

i stumbled along the forest, hoping to get home

my left arm felt even more heavier from the wound, and now i saw that it was completely white

tears stung my eyes as i tried to clear my vision

the trees looked shorter than usual, not a single shroom in sight

suddenly, i fell into a hole, falling for a few seconds

i thought the fall would’ve killed me, but i crashed on a gigantic mushroom, breaking my fall as i slammed to the ground

vines were everywhere, with gigantic mushrooms hovering over me, chanting

i tried to run, but my legs wouldn’t move

i screamed out in shock and fear as my legs were becoming white too, with muscles everywhere on it

my vision was clouded with a layer of green mist, and the mist seemed to take on a life of its own, covering me everywhere

my shirt ripped in half, as a buff chest popped up beneath it, my scrawny usual form gone

the elder shrooms were shorter than me now, and i tried to take a good look at my surroundings as everything started to fade to black, forever

Chad had risen.


leaked second part of the shroom:
chad awakes in the jojo world and beats DIO with eaze.


In fanfics: chad bullies people,
In the legit game: people bully chad


there’s no part 2

its a meme

True. For when he was introduced, he is uber underpowered. He was farmed for Stat and Skill Reset Tomes (originally he could drop them) and whenever he spawned in died in approximately 0.0001 seconds.

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Hail of Arrows, yes, I have that and Ranger’s Stance maxed (the new sniper stance is better than ricochet)

Canon. When DIO comes back in part 3, Chad is secretly star platinum so he can beat DIO again.