The Shadow Realm

So this is my idea for a Mage-equivalent to the Forsaken Isle.
To get there, you would have to talk to a mage-looking NPC next to a Purple version of the teleport pads. For 100S, he offers to teleport you to the Shadow Realm. He warns you that the Shadow Realm is a dangerous place, filled with many a Vesterian’s worst nightmares. If you accept his offer, you will be sent to the equivalent. The only way to return without using a rune is to kill the Elder Shadow (described later on), which causes a gateway similar to the one used to get there to appear for 30 seconds. The player must use it as they would the ones in the Tree of Life, and is then returned to the Tree of Life.
The mobs that would lurk in the Shadow Realm would be called Shadows. There are two normal variants and one boss variant. The normal variants would be Nightmare Archer (AI identical to the Mogloko) and Nightmare (AI identical to the Moglo). The Nightmare Archer would be level 34, and would be able to drop the Nightmare Grin, a mage headwear that gives +30 INT, -4 VIT, -4 DEX, -4 STR. The Nightmare would be level 32, and would be able to drop the Nightmare Frown, a mage headwear that gives +30 DEX, -4 VIT, -4 INT, -4 STR.
The Elder Shadow is a powerful boss. The Elder Shadow appears different for each player, being a silhouette of their avatar (with equipment mirrored). The Elder Shadow has _ usual attacks:
“Shadow Slam” - The Elder Shadow mimicks the Warrior’s Ground Slam ability, dealing ~750 damage per hit.
“Summon Shadows” - The Elder Shadow summons two Nightmare Archers and two Nightmares
“Shadow Blast” - The Elder Shadow unleashes a beam of energy similar to “Kame-hame-ha”, and it then spins around the area twice while projecting the beam. To dodge the attack, the players must get behind special rocks and pillars around the arena, all of which are streaked with yellow, denoting their special status.
“Shadow Strike” - The Elder Shadow teleports behind a random player in the arena, then strikes at them with its “Shadow Slam” ability. There is a delay and a brief warning, this warning taking the form of the edges of the screen going noticeably darker.
The Elder Shadow is level 60, has 3,500,000 HP, and has several drops. He drops 30-60S worth of mushcoin (100% chance), 5-10 Mighty Subs (70% chance), 5-10 Mana Elixirs (70% chance), 0-3 “Shadow Essences” (15% chance), 1 Ancient ATK scroll (5% chance), and a “Shadowstaff” (0.1% chance).
Shadow Essence is a variation on Spider Essence. However, instead of taking HP for all-stats boost, it takes off MP. It drains MP slowly, however, instead of all-at-once (rate of 1 MP per second).
A Shadowstaff is a level 50 Mage weapon, +150 WPN ATK, 4 upgrade slots, with the “Shaded Spell” perk. The “Shaded Spell” perk makes the wielder’s spells invisible (no effects, particle or otherwise), and increases their power slightly (roughly 1.05x damage) as the foes can’t see it coming.