The Settings Update

The settings menu, or should I say music volume control, this particular menu is so under developed and underused its unbelievable that its even called settings. Some features may be asking a bit too much from the devs right now however I do hope some features make the cut.

New Features
SFX Volume: max by default, controls volume of mob sounds, player sounds etc.
Advanced Lighting: off by default, this toggles the lighting system (legacy and voxel)
Priming: on by default, toggles the priming mode on aimed abilities
Fireflies: on by default, toggles visibility of the fireflies at night
Particles: on by default toggles visibility of all particles
Block Requests: off by default, in on blocks all party, trade, duel requests sent by non-friends
DPS Meter: off by default, toggles a dps meter showing how much damage you dish out per second
Health/Mana Color: Allows color change of the heath and mana bar (color selected trough pop up brick color menu)
Boss Heath Numbers: on by default, shows a bosses current heath out of its max health in the bosses heath bar on the top of the screen

I don’t see the point. You can adjust the volume in the roblox escape menu.

Don’t mine this, it could help lower spec devices to run smooth(-ish) while higher end devices with better specs to experience a nicer look and feel to the vesteria.

Not sure what you mean by priming but I assume you mean the white translucent things that appear when you use certain spells. If you do mean that, I’d see no reason to turn it off.

Again, see no reason for this to be off. Fireflies help players to see in the dark and personally I feel they add a nice touch to vesteria. I don’t think fireflies are too gpu heavy.

Agree with this wholeheartedly. In forsaken you can get a particle festival when the boss spawns with everyone using their skills and spells at once whilst targeting the same boss. That can really make the game lag and/or freeze and some cases cause the game to crash. You have my support on this one. :+1:

A nice qol addition. Agree with this.

Not sure when this would be useful but if you know someway it can I’d give my support. :thinking:

If this would be added I’d leave mine as it is. I enjoy the common colours of the hp and mp bars. If the devs decide they want some cosmetic additions then sure. If not I see no purpose of this being a thing. :neutral_face:

Again, I see no purpose for this addition.

Lighting.Technology cannot be changed at runtime

It ends up getting annoying when using skills that you already know where they are going and just want to spam.

The devs can set Shadow Maps to be enabled and give the players an option to toggle Lighting.GlobalShodows

What if you wanted the epic SQR music while not being interrupted by all the other sounds

Players along with myself like to see specs in easy to read numbers. It can easily if show what you did was helpful or hurtful to your ability to kill monsters.

Well, it is simple this new option that would be very good if it is implemented in the next big update, or in the next ones.
It would be that they added to the game HUB a menu of options where you can modify and disable unnecessary things such as particles, textures, shadows, shadows etc.
Mainly this idea is to improve the performance of the game since most of the community cannot play the game comfortably, mainly due to lag problems.