The Server Browser - A Trader's Dream!

Meeting up is hard.

With Vesteria’s popularity on the rise, a new problem comes up: since new servers are being generated with more players, meeting up with certain people gets harder and harder.

This happens far too often. Making a party to fight Spider Queen? You need to rejoin spider camp several times before even getting in the same server as a friend. Looking to trade? You’d have to go out of your way to find someplace less busy to trade in. Just playing with a friend? For some reason, you don’t get automatically put in the same server as each other, even though Roblox normally does that.

How should we fix it?

So here, I propose a somewhat simple solution: an in-game server browser! Located on the right side if your screen in between your Guild and Settings icons, and with a hotkey of its very own (let’s say Z) is the menu!

The server browser would include a list of all open servers for the map you’re in, each with a given server number (e.g. Mushroom Forest I, Forsaken Isle III). Each server would also include its own list showing which of your friends, if any, are in each server, as well as the servers current player count and maximum capacity.

How could this benefit Vesteria, other than the reasons above?

Well, for one thing, everyone loves to grind in smaller servers. This could draw more people from larger servers to smaller ones, which would balance out the player count in each server, preventing some servers having too little people or others filling up too fast. Additionally, this could help prevent more servers from being created since less servers would be completely full (or in the case of servers like Nilgarf, allow servers to fill up faster).

Edit: Remember to vote if you really think this needs to be added

Haven’t even read it but, I already know it’s good

then read it yes

very nice idea, also why hasnt this been a thing for so long.

Well, this wasn’t really a problem before the subclasses release just a few days ago. I’ve really got no idea why this so suddenly became one.

I really want to see this in game.

i was typing this in the middle of a spider queen run i died in. i died since we didn’t have enough players for, well, reasons that have already been stated here

Yes please, I’m sick and tired of rejoining ten million times and blocking people just to run SQ with my friends

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I meant to say lol lololol but I think that’s better.

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Or like a button to like (FRIEND NAME) is in nilgarf, would you like to use your nilgarf rune?

good job jonno you did it

yeah i bumped it
eat me

this is my greatest achievement of all time

YoU dId It

we did it bois
trading issues are no more
now just fix glitch where if you deal/take damage while in a trade it auto-cancels


I like this, but if only it told you somthing like “general strength online”, where it shows the power relative to your own (on a scale of 1-100, you are a 50, and the farther below you the weaker it is, the farther above you the stronger). That would solve a lot of low- and mid-level problems with players being unable to kill things due to higher levels OHKO-ing the mobs before they even get a chance.

Actually I have an idea to help with this that I’m planning on posting later