The secret of berezaa's bubble sneak peek decrypted

had to hack the pentagon to get this information


how though

Good For You I Guess.

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It’s google translate, I take latin but I couldn’t have translated the whole thing.

I guess you are getting a like or whatever?

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google translate couldn’t translate the entire thing, this site only translates latin

using big brain power

Despite That Isn’t An Accurate Translation.

The website I used said that It wasn’t actually Latin, but derived from that language. All the words that Bereeza have used have been used before.

For the sake of a joke I doubt that it has to be a crystal clear translation

Well TheInsanePizzaFace Did Get A Much Better Translation Which Isn’t Anything Near Yours.

you got a link to your site?

Yes, it’s on the page.

Again for the sake of a joke it dont gotta be crystal clear

It Wasn’t Even Dirt Clear.

Why are you being so negative lmao

Most likely, this was referencing the amount of work that bereeza and his team put in correlating to the price of the game.

Well I Mean There Is A Much Better Translation That Isn’t Anything Like Yours.

thanks that was interesting information