The Scroll Concept Should Be Reworked, Hear me out

Scrolls can be very frustrating, they are rare in game and cost 10k for the good scrolls. A lot of the time the 70%'s will fail and getting a 10% will take like a minimum of 6 scrolls for most people. I think the “attempted upgrades” concept is a bit unfair. Like if you’re in future Vesteria, level 150 and you’re trying to make a god Axe or Staff or dagger after receiving this super rare or expensive weapon. Now that you missed your 70%, your entire weapon feels degrading because it’s not the best you can be and it’s really depressing (can’t find a different word). The 10% and 70% concepts should stay the same, just slightly lower the cost of 70%'s and remove the “attempt upgrade” system. It should be replaced with a “upgrades remaining” system. People that are unlucky will have a real annoyed time if this system stays. If a scroll fails it shouldn’t affect how much upgrades the weapon can still receive. It’s only fair to the players and it’s pretty certain that the entire community would agree with it.

You shouldn’t be able to get a god weapon easily. I like the idea of failing upgrades so that way not everyone has a god sword or dagger. I also like the prices, but for some reason the 10% and 70% are the same price.

Yeah, but getting 10%'s on a weapon is already hard as it is, getting it 7 times in a row would just be dumb. I think if they make the same scrolls but put them in a certain level category. It’s hard to explain. Like if you were level 150, 10% scrolls would still be expensive. Like you can only use this 10% scroll on weapons leveled 3-5.

In the future we will have scrolls that restore upgrade attempts.
You shouldn’t be able to get a good tier weapon with ease no matter what the weapon is. (it’s meant to be hard and expensive and time consuming.
Scrolls that only work for certain level items? God please no.
The hell you mean “scrolls are hard to find”? I have at least 10 scrolls just sitting in my inventory with nothing better to do.

We eventually intend on adding scrolls that restore your weapon. That’ll help.