The science behind the mushroom flining

This may sound similar to a recent post of mine, but trust me this is different.

I underwent investigation to find out how exactly the physics of the mushrooms worked. I searched in the Limited Public Testing, due to a lack of access to any other versions of the game.

I found some interesting results;
-In 5/10 Flings I would land in the same general area.
-in 3/10 I would land in the complete opposite direction, but in the same general distance from the start.
-in 2/10 times I would get flung to the sides, usually ending up the same distance.

This intrigued me. While I did not conduct only 10 tests, I compiled my information to those statistics.

One question that came to mind after testing:
-I always seemed to land the same distance away, no matter which direction I went.

I tested several more times and found this to be more or less true. As time went on I thought there was some conditions to how you were flung because there seemed to be a pattern.

I am not done testing but only one piece of information I have found so far doesn’t fit in any data set.

-I was flung straight upwards, resulting in the map disappearing. When I fell back into the map, I didn’t bounce back up like one might in other roblox games.

So far I can generally say: There seems to be a ‘patterned randomness’ to mushroom flinging.

If anyone has any information to add to this, please do not hesitate to as for this is a study for the community.

In certain locations, I was able to go up much higher than normal from a mushroom. It was almost like my character received multiple boosts at once. Further testing will be required but that was how I was able to get to the massive mushroom.

[Did You Hear A Loud “Beep” Or Whatever Sound The Mushrooms Make? Since When I Hear A Loud “Beep” I Will Tend To Launch Much Further Than Other Attempts.

There is a boing sound.