The scarecrows are invincible

Sorry about the obs opening and volume change.
These scarecrows in farmlands were invincible to all attacks I could use on them.
I searched for related topics and could not find any.

afterwards a giant and super giant scarecrow spawned in and WERE killable.
I rejoined and the server did not have any invincible scarecrows so I couldn’t take a picture of the dev log.

Having same problem with baby yeti seems to trigger when they are killed with a bow

Add on to @WaterWolfX 's post as i found the way it was triggered, if a mob is killed with a bow they will become invincible and stay at 0 hp

If you noticed they don’t take damage after dying from it
(this is also very abuseable as players can do this to all the mobs in a sever)

That happened to me also when I killed a guardian with a bow. And scarecrows still broken. They’re invisible to me, but I can killed them and get the drops.

Chicken boss 2.0?

oh, hey i fixed this 30 minutes ago. i shutdown a few places this was happening in.

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Alright, thank you.

So i was just minding my own business and helping my friend and i came across some mushrooms that decided that no one is going to kill them.
please note that i have also tryed to attack some elder shrooms and they are also invincible
so im reporting this as a bug

Nah, they’ve been blessed with PoTM’s power.

looks like lured goblins are affected.

goblinarmy I fear this is a war we cannot win. Thus I demand they be removed.

A single max magic bomb will take care of it, don’t worry

I wish it were that easy but they are invincible. The gnomes are now starving due to the siege. I fear all is lost.

ye I found it too

Self-explanatory: the scarecrow can’t die, I can damage other ones though as seen in the clip below.

Seems like it’s not completely fixed yet

This is happening to other NPC’s other than Scarecrows.

Seems more re-emerged than not completely fixed, probably due to game rework.

This will be looked into.

same thing here but 2 days late

I think this bug came up again because of mobs fighting eachother. Snels have no borders, so they’re always fighting, and always making eachother invincible, the occasional scarecrow will leave the field and will fight hogs, making them and the hogs invincible, etc.

Crabs also become invincible