The Sanctified Order

The Sanctified Order

The Sanctified Order is a guild founded on trust and protection. We want to make sure our guild members have a place they can feel safe, we cant wait for you to join us on this fantastic journey throughout Vesteria. We hope you will join us and become one of the members of our slowly growing community.

Joining Requirements

• Level 30 on at least 1 slot
• An Active Member of the Community
• Willing to help other Guild members
(If you’re caught harassing a member of the guild, or anyone as a matter. You will be exiled from the guild, we do not condone harassment.)

Rank Requirements
• Non Guild Member: None, simply a member of the community
• Guild Member: Following the “Joining Requirements”
• Trusted Member: Become trusted in the community by doing good deeds
• Honorary Member: Someone who is seen as an figure in the community, (Content Creators, Streamers, Moderators/Contributors, and Developers in the Vesteria Community)
• Guild Council: Having past Moderator/Council experience and sending proof to gravitylegends, (Need to be in Guild)
• Co-Leader: [RANK TAKEN]
• Guild Leader: [RANK TAKEN]

Info about The Sanctified Order

Owners and the Council.

Founder: GravityLegends
Co-Leader: SuperCubeCavern
• ParlousPlutonium
• RobloxDorkMan
• ChickenBoss37


The Sanctified Order was founded by GravityLegends on January 3rd 2020, Gravity would later change the name to The Sanctified Order when he saw the previous name did not fit.


• Guild Leader
• Co-Leader
• Guild Council
• Honorary Member
• Trusted Member
• Guild Member
• Non Guild Member

Important Links
The Sanctified Order Discord
The Sanctified Order Group