The Road to Level 30

Berezaa has said that the level cap for the beta is 30. Any guesses on how many players will reach this limit today?

about 50-ish cause there’s about more of everything. once they get their grindy loot, then they’ll go back and instantly kill crabs with each hit cause there’s a lot of crabs that spawn.


They won’t try to grind crabs, let’s hope not, before it becomes a farming haven, wait there’s people who are gonna try this, why did I give them ideas :thinking: :question:

  • Would you grind crabs at level 30?
  • Would you grind crabs at any level?

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Grinding crabs becomes impossible after level 23, since they no longer give you xp (your level is too high and xp given is based off of level)

oh I didn’t know :thinking: but hey free crab claws axes and rakes

(Yes, I have a ton of money. No, I didn’t cheat it in. A dude who abused dupe glitches gave it to me saying that berezaa gave him the money, so i was happy to recieve it. Once I learned it was duped, I got it back to 1 tril, and need to send it to poly or berezaa or somethin.)

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