The Return of Free Weekend Playtests

As many veteran players will fondly remember, the hallmark of Vesteria’s early development was our free-to-the-public weekly playtests.

These play tests generated organic hype for our game in a way that was just unmatched, and it allowed us to frequently reset data to get everyone starting on the same page.

I’m happy to announce that starting this Saturday morning, Free Weekend playtests will be returning to a new free place that is so much more than just a demo. The Free Weekend version will functionally replace the Mirror World, allowing us to test cutting-edge features and content on a much larger scale.

Read below for additional information

Free Weekend details

  • Vesteria Free Weekend is a separate game to Vesteria Beta which will be open for free to the public during the weekend.

  • FW includes the main menu + character customization, Mushtown, Mushroom Forest, Mushroom Grotto, Shroompocalypse, Great Crossroads, Scallop Shores, The Colosseum, Port Fidelio, Redwood Pass, Warrior Stronghold, Enchanted Forest, Tree of Life, Nilgarf and Nilgarf sewers. Shiprock Bottom and Spider Queen’s Revenge are not available on FW.

  • FW will run on the same game version as the tester Mirror World, and will often be used to introduce & stress test new content such as the upcoming Chad boss.

  • All player progression data in FW will be frequently wiped, usually between each weekend. This means that everyone will be starting each playtest from a clean slate.

  • The Level Cap is removed in FW, the only limit to your level is your determination.


The Free Weekend will also allow us to put a lot of exciting and risky game mechanics onto an organic large-scale test. Events like a permadeath weekend are not out of the question, and we will frequently be showcasing new content in the FW.

Having hundreds of players on a “clean” world will also allow us to more easily determine issues with balance/progression/economy, and it’ll allow us to have a lot more fun with the game’s development.

Vesteria FW will be accessible from the old demo place starting this weekend:

Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.


Second warrior of the demo here

no level cap? better get killin elder shrooms

Not available on mobile, can mobile players test also later on?

Right before the 1 year anniversary of the Forums. :blush:

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The playtest will not be available to mobile or Xbox users until the experiences on those platforms are of a sufficient enough quality. This might take us a bit of time.

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Sweet! The free weekends were certainly a great way of generating organic hype.

One question - if stress-testing end game content (like a new subclass-tier boss, for example), would players start out with experience or some such relevant to such a tier of play, or would the content simply be there if you were determined enough to reach it?

Welp, @testers, we’re getting replaced, time to go back to being normal Vesterians again.


the question is, do we get to keep our 20 slots?

I hope so otherwise some people are gonna have a lot of wasted grinding time… coughMetacough

Bawk! (This game is going to have horrible like to dislike ratio for when the game goes back to costing robux)

It’s a completely different place, not the actual Vesteria game.

it is a separate game entirely, not making the main game free then re-locking it.

This is awesome! Can’t wait to meet some new people! :slight_smile:

if data is wiped frequently, how can one rigourously test a feature like permadeath, relating to features that will require some form of progression? will progression in FW be much easier? there’s certainly some features that will require a high level (subclasses) and I don’t think one is willing enough to get to 30 every week and have it reset with current XP rates.

TL;DR: How will experimental game mechanics that require late-game progress be properly stress tested?

It will probably be like the test server where there is a npc allowing you to freely change lv and subclass.

There will be 48 hours to play in FW before data is reset. There have been people who have reached level 30 in a fourth of that time. People are just gonna start learning the optimal way to speed through the game, and I’m hoping Shroompocalypse will be instrumental in leveling up quickly.

Something like permadeath would probably also come with increased EXP gain naturally, at least after level 5.

We will still have the Lvl.30 tester portal for stuff like that.

Now it will be a challenge on the forums or whatever to see who can get the highest level. The highest level will be the person with no life (no offense). I can’t wait to see what happens.

Yet most of the players will only be able to play for maybe 8 hours each day max? 2 days isn’t much time… Also, shroomapoc wont really help that much, you’re removing 2 of the key things to level up. Snails and SQL, so it’ll be REALLY difficult to get to level 40. Why dont you make it so the queen spawns every 4 hours?

One last question, at what time will it exactly open up (Im PST)?

This is a pretty good change and I finally like how you guys are stepping up on the issue of testing.

However, this leaves me with a few burning questions about the people who were Testers before this change.

  • What role will the pre-existing Testers serve?
  • Will they lose their slots and any sign that they were a Tester in-game? I have slots 5 - 9 as well as slot 11 at level 30 with a LOT of items stored away on them since I’m waiting for more content. I wouldn’t mind the Tester tag and chat color gone though (I miss my alpha symbol).
  • If Testers aren’t completely removed, would the Tester role be repurposed to reward players who actively test the game and provide meaningful feedback regularly?