The Result of Monster Invisibility

16th of Redfall, 2nd Era of Advent - 328, Playtest 16

The day started as nobody would like to hear, the Monsters have become more powerful. In the week since the Monsters became invisible, the Warrior Alliance has opened themselves up to any and all Adventurers seeking refuge. The Hunter’s League and the Federation of Mages have yet to disclose their main strongholds as to protect themselves from these invisible creatures. While we, the Warriors, have been fighting them back from Nilgarf, the Hunters have been spying in the shadows to figure out who is responsible for the invisibility, while the Mages work to reverse the enchantment. For now, the Warrior’s Alliance has forbidden access into the Enchanted Forest unless you accept that you may die.

A recent patrol into the Seaside has proven fatal after losing three Warriors and injuring two Hunters, the Mages are working their magic to heal them, but their cuts run deep. Last night, our patrol into the Enchanted Forest never returned and we fear for the lives of the gnomes who live there. Their knowledge of how to create scrolls has been closely guarded, and if they are overrun, that knowledge will be lost forever.

In good news, our Blacksmith, Tolgraft, has found plans detailing the creation of bronze weaponry and new armor, we are now more powerful then ever. With a fair amount of coin, we equipped ourselves and enchanted our new gear to protect us and deal more damage while still remaining light.

In the most recent meeting of the Guild of Heroes, Avoiided the Powerful found a way to remove the creatures from the farmland surrounding Nilgarf. Unfortunately, our mage “Bear” died giving up his life force to save an injured warrior. Our hunter Wersing has gone missing too.

These are dark times, but the light can always shine though, it must…



So, what did you guys think of this one? I didn’t have too much time to participate in the playtest, but I just made up a date to fit the story a bit better and to add some more fantasy feel. Like and comment below!

EDIT: ignore misspelling in pictures, I had very little time to make them, and I cant go back to fix em


This is great. I love this haha.

You Never Cease To Excite Me Chief. Good Job Yet Again!

Kinda Same …

I am loving these stories you put out, keep it up!