The Request for Actual Rules in the Discord

Recently I was muted on the Vesteria discord for edgy content, now Im not here to complain about my mute, Im complaining about how there are 0 ACTUAL rules in the discord server. Explaining that the discord server is a “book club” is inaccurate and extremely lazy on their part. There is nothing to pin point on what is bad and what is good, its extremely vague and only the mentality is truly stopping people from doing these things.

Removing the rules in the first place wasnt a good decision at all, you just dug a hole for yourself. People can say “Well there arent any rules against it so this (ban/mute) is false.” They arent in the complete wrong. As I said before its only the mentality that’s stopping you. So if they didnt unmute/unban then it could be considered as mod abuse as there were 0 actual rules stated that it wasnt allowed. Thus ending up that the Mod is now disrespected.

  • Add Rules Back
  • Dont Add Rules Back (Why)

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You must be fairly new to the way the discord handles moderation

Wait nvm you are dantex :clown_face:

Dude you obviously didn’t read the rules.