The REAL reason why we have such low stamina (joke)

As you all know, the stamina bar just depletes in like, 4 seconds.

You might ask, “How come our characters can’t run” “How come my maxed out LVL 45 warrior with max DEX can’t run for 6 seconds!”

I have the answer.

as you know, we have inventory spaces.

How do you hold a Big Sword, Multiple plates of armour, some weird rat on a bucket, Hundreds of Potions, MULTIPLE SANDWICHES, hundreds of arrows, multiple coconuts, mushrooms, and a wallet that can hold GOLD COINS
and still be able to run

our characters are just so buff we can just run for a few secounds

Thanks for coming to my ted talk


this is all a joke i came up with


yeah, this is big brain time

and the lv1 adventurers are just frail and weak stick wielders which contribute to their low stamina

but I put my stuff in the bank and I was still slow :c

mental weight

ur character is still tired from carrrying all that stuff

therefore, cant run

o yeah im a mage it must be my fat head

This is also due to how much we eat and drink as we put on weight yet our clothes hide our big bellies.



if you read slowly then yea its 18 minutes sure

all this but when you put on a beanie or something you can run longer hm

video game logic vibes

But the worn boots contribute to stamina, so they might actually have more stamina than a high level person (unless they have yeti boots and aviator cap, and I’m not sure about the spider gear).