The problem with removing subclasses from a glameplay perspective

Now to my current knowledge I recently heard that you’ll be able to do subclass quest to get a skill . Now this is fine for warriors and mages because it adds a new level of variety to the players. You’ll now be able to see paladins giving strength buffs instead of healing or warlocks resurrect players. The only problem is the hunter class players , now hunter class players if they wanted to could learn the assassin invisibility skill by doing the quest, and then use it with rangers stance or hail of arrows. Sure you could make the moves do less dmg or be less effective in general but that still means hunter class players could do overpowered combinations. In my opinion subclass should be exclusive to your subclass .

Remember the super weak version of any of those abilities, that you have when you first put a regular skill point into them?

That’s what many abilities are going to be like if you’re determined to get this “meta combo” that’ll require you to invest down 3 different pathways, burning all your AP and meaning you can’t upgrade them at all. You have a very limited amount of AP, so you won’t have a 3-subclass-god shoved into one body.

Also, the vast majority of people are going to be too lazy to complete several quest lines just to get a meh ability.


The thing is that different abilities will have different costs to learn and use, as well as varying difficulties. Sure, you might be able to get some pretty strong combinations going with different subclass abilities, but it’s going to take a lot of work to get there, and you’re going to have to be pretty well-off already.

Plus, due to the limited amount of ability points you can have (49, due to the level cap), you can’t exactly just grab every ultimate subclass ability, pair it with a great passive weapon ability and have a bunch more abilities left over. The most you could do probably is pair together 2 subclass ultimates (for example, Cleric’s Resurrect or Sorcerer’s Cataclysm (basically Meteor but a bunch of them rain down around the Sorcerer) as well as the final subclass’s ultimate by using that subclass’s armour. From there, you’re not going to have many other skills, and you’re likely going to be unable to deal constant damage with just the ultimates.

Basically, sure, great combos will exist, but they’ll be difficult to get, expensive once you do get them and might not be as great as they seem afterwards.

Aren’t ultimates having a half hour cooldown still on the table, making this even more meh than it seems?

Correct. Things like Resurrect probably will have much longer cooldowns than they currently do which persist between maps, at least that’s what I’m guessing.


Didn’t think about that you guys prove a good point.

I’m pretty sure berezaa said some ultimates wouldn’t be 30 minutes.
Maybe none of them might.