The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game

Started out as a point, just a thought now, don’t bother arguing it.

Now, I say ‘The Perfect Game’, but what I mean is the perfect combat system. When it comes to MMORPG games based around PVE grinding (lack of a better term), with the implementation of open world PVP, a game requires a highly balanced Combat System that doesn’t result in a segregation of high levels and low levels. A quick fix to this, especially by many games, is making high-level items even harder to obtain, but the end result of this is segregating High Levels and Low Levels even further. Making it easier for High Levels after obtaining said item or ability that Low Levels can’t come close to.

One of the games I would consider the most balanced combat system in the world is Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. When it comes to ESO, low levels have the same ability to duel and be an equal match for someone who is hundreds of levels above them. I would know, my boyfriend used to get mad about my incredible regeneration skills with the help of the Beekeeper Suit. The reason for this is because of ESO’s way of balancing weapon damage per level by assigning a set DMG amount to all attacks. If you level up and your weapon is one level below you, it will do less damage until it is brought back to an equal level, or a weapon of different rarity is found and used. Other than the rarity and on whether the weapon is refined, the only real difference that level makes is the skill points received and how they are spent. No one was more powerful than another, and yet the community of the game is going on strong. I brought up ESO first because I have the biggest grudge against the current PVP system; however, a PVP system is nothing without its sister PVE system. ESO had a really settle and inventive way of handling this, change the ability to dodge attacks and the effectivity of attacks. It’s barely anything, and yet it makes a world of difference.

Of course, there is still the leveling system, one of the things I love the most about games is the gameplay and I don’t particularly like it when the gameplay is based around leveling. Some of the creative way developers handle this is by making the level secondary to hardcore leveling systems. In Skyrim, the more you use a bow, the more your Archery skill increases and from that, you gain EXP. The same is for any form of weapon or ability or profession you use in Skyrim, each increases the skill level, but not the overall level. You can complete the entire game without ever having to worry about your level. The same is seen in Tradelands on Roblox, it features a hardcore leveling system for skills.

Now, I don’t remember much about these games, so anyone can argue about this being false and I wouldn’t have much of a clue. If you read what I’ve said, then you know where I’m coming from and understand my point.

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I don’t think the levels in skills actually made that attack stronger in skyrim, i think only the perks did, correct me if i’m wrong though

I believe they did something, but yes, the perks did the most.

TLDR Just look at BDO’s combat and copy and paste it but rename the abilities and rework how the abilities look like

I feel like having level ignored in PvP would solve the balance issues. That way, a level 15 Could actually deal damagr to a level 30

Then you get another issue tho. should the level 15 who has maybe a couple hours in the game be ablel to compete with a level 30 who has spent weeks farming? Adding level bias is a way to reward those who focus on getting their character strong, and with the way combat is now (~10 levels below you cant do damage) makes it so you are engaging/pvping only people who have spent around the same time in the game as you and have the same experience.

I don’t know of any Roblox game made in this way.
All games on Roblox are made in a way where skill is not as important as grinding is.
That’s because Roblox is a game for kids, if they were to make it complicated, they’d quit the game w/o spending money on products therefore cutting profits.

Vesteria had a good chance to change this considering it’s pay-to-access, although, it didn’t.
They went in the same direction as games like SBO.

TLDR; Good idea, Bad Vesteria

skill should only be a real factor when grinding is the same or close, for example right now id say a level 27-28 very skilled class player can beat a lvl 30 of their class. And for an example of a skill heavy game, just off the top of my head DBZFS has very skill based combat, hundreds of levels can be ignored by a very good player. This makes high level grinding at a point useless.

A level 28 can barely compete with a level 30. I’d know, I PVP a lot.